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Apparently, one in four Americans can't get past 9am without cursing

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You're not alone: According to a new study by 9Round Kickbox Fitness, the average American curses by 10:54am each day. Even more interestingly, one in four Americans can't get past 9am without uttering a curse—a fact that automatically makes us feel better about ourselves.

The study, which surveyed 2,000 people, looked into what stresses Americans out and how they deal with said stress. 

According to the survey, 56% of Americans point to financial worry as the biggest stress-inducing factor in their lives. Not getting enough sleep (36%), health concerns (35%) and work (30%) were also mentioned as contributing factors to high levels of anxiety. Although mentioned by a mere 9% of respondents, environmental concerns also made the list. A fact that, in a way, gives us some sort of hope.

So, how do people express their frustration? Cursing is the most popular display of stress, followed by yelling (we're guilty as charged) and crying (guilty again). 

As for coping with the anxiety, music turns out to be the most popular way of dealing with it—followed by watching TV/movies and working out.

Although we are all for exercising, we'd like to remind the average American—who, according to the study, experiences about 1,025 stressful events each year—that the quickest way to release some tension is to take some time off: So here are the best vacations to take alone in America. You're welcome.