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Rush hour traffic
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Boise in Idaho officially ranks as the worst city for rush hour traffic in the United States

Can you believe New York and Los Angeles aren't even in the top ten?

Anna Rahmanan
Written by
Anna Rahmanan

It is a common belief that cities like New York and Los Angeles are the very worst across the country when it comes to rush hour traffic. But it turns out that's actually not the case, at least according to a new study by Fleet Logging.

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The fleet management and tracking industry company looked at some data to figure out how bad traffic is across the globe and, specifically, within the United States. First, researchers identified 141 of the most congested cities in the world and then they used the TravelTime API to calculate how far from each city center you could drive in an hour both on- and off-peak. Basically, the study relies on the difference between rush hour and non-rush hour travel times and the results are pretty interesting.

"Honolulu is the American city with the slowest escape route in our study," read the official results. "However, your ETA won’t change much if you wait for the rush hour to pass. There’s a difference of just 0.2 miles between peak/off-peak journeys. Hardly significant when viewed next to the second smallest gap, that of Seattle, which has a disparity of 6.7 miles."

Overall, Boise, in Idaho, "tops the rush hour misery list."

You can read through the details of the study right here. Below, we reproduce the top 10 list of cities where traffic matters most.

1. Boise, Idaho

2. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

3. Albuquerque, New Mexico

4. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

5. Houston, Texas

6. Kansas City, Missouri

7. Denver, Colorado

8. Columbus, Ohio

9. Little Rock, Arkansas

10. Jackson, Mississippi

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