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Coors Light is sending 500,000 free beers to people all around the country

We've got a 93-year-old woman to thank for this.

Anna Rahmanan
Written by
Anna Rahmanan

Coors Light has pledged to give out 500,000 free beers to people all over the country—and we've got 93-year-old Olive Veronesi to thank for that.

In case you forgot: the Pennsylvania woman made headlines a few weeks ago after being photographed by her window while holding a cold one in one hand and a sign reading "I need more beer!!" in the other. After the photo went viral, Coors Light sent 150 cans of beers to her doorstep.

The shtick led to the company's newest promotion, #CouldUseABeer, by which followers are asked to tweet @CoorsLight with the name of a person they'd like to nominate to receive some free beer. Make sure to use the proper hashtag and explain why the nominated person deserves the treat.

To be clear, you won't exactly be receiving a six-pack in the mail. Here is how the initiative works: if you win, you'll need to buy your own beer for $10.99, keep your receipt and send it to the company to receive a rebate. The exact offer varies by state, so check out the official rules right here.

You've got through June 1 to make your nominations and the lucky beer drinkers must send in their receipts by June 15. 

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