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Bus travel
Photograph: Shutterstock/Milos Muller

Could bus travel actually be better—and faster—than flying?

Avoid crowds, save time and a whole lot of money on these popular routes

Written by
Gerrish Lopez

These days, flying is rarely comfortable or hassle-free, and you might spend more time in the airport than actually flying to your destination. If you’re traveling on one of 21 popular routes across the U.S. and Canada, Busbud—the global ground transportation booking platform—has some news for you: it’s actually cheaper, faster and more eco-friendly to take the bus.

That’s right, you can avoid crowds and long TSA waits, save money (up to 90%), and get where you’re going in less time (an average of an hour or more) if you hit the road instead. Average savings on these routes: You’ll even reduce your carbon footprint (up to 80%).

"Many travelers are likely unaware that taking the bus is often faster than taking a short-haul flight in addition to being cheaper," says Christine Petersen, CEO of "Beyond time and savings, bus travel also offers a way to reduce your carbon footprint while still satisfying your wanderlust."

So, which routes are better on a bus? Here are some eye-opening stats: taking the bus instead of flying between Austin and Houston can save you 71% on a fare ($20 vs $69) and one hour and six minutes travel time. Taking the bus from L.A. to San Diego saves 89% ($20 vs $189) and one hour and 45 minutes. A bus from Philadelphia to D.C. can save you a whopping 95% ($15 vs $280) and one hour of travel time. All routes produce 85% less emissions when traveling by bus instead of flying.

Check out the full list of routes in the U.S. and Canada where taking the bus beats flying on the Busbud blog.

21 Routes Where Bus Travel Beats Flying
Photograph: Courtesy Busbud
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