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Earn up to $1,200 a week to devour tons of candy

Dream job alert.

Written by
Anna Rahmanan

Talk about a dream job: Canadian company Candy Funhouse is looking to hire 10 professional candy tasters to help them launch their first ever branded candy line.

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Beware: the pay is exceptional. Candidates will earn up to $1,200 a week to devour the sweets. You will, however, probably spend most of it going to the dentist. 

Here are the specifics: Candidates will get to try over 3,000 candies from all over the world and select the ten best ones out there based on taste, texture and quality. The lucky employees will also have to write two-sentence descriptions of each product that might eventually appear on the company's official website and social media channels. 

In total, Candy Funhouse is looking for two in-person taste-testers to work full time at a pay of $30/hour and eight remote ones that will work part-time for $26/hour.

The applying sweet tooths must have absolutely no food allergies, love all sorts of candies, be fluent in English, be willing to share honest opinions about the various selections, live in North America and be 18 years or older. According to the official job posting, "applicants who have an interest in candy, pop culture and media will be given a preference."

You've got until February 15, 2021 to apply—so get going! Find the full-time job application right here and the part-time one here.

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