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Find out when, where and how to cast your vote on Google Maps

The Presidential election is just a few weeks away.

Anna Rahmanan
Written by
Anna Rahmanan

Google just launched new functions meant to guide Americans to the polls during this year's election season. The tech giant partnered with the Voting Information Project—a nonprofit and nonpartisan group led by Democracy Works and state election officials—to make it easier for us to find out when, where and how to cast our votes.

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You'll primarily notice the changes on Google Maps and Google Search. All you really need to do to get all the information needed to properly vote is actually ask Google direct questions. Whether it's a search for "ballot drop boxes near me" or "voting locations," the system will populate your screen with tips involving registration deadlines, absentee ballots, voting locations and more.

If you end up selecting a desired voting location, Google Maps will also direct you to it. Easy, peasy indeed.

As a reminder, the Presidential election is just a few weeks away, on November 3. Whether you intend to vote in person or via mail, it's important to plan ahead and get all the information you need before actually having to vote—so do make use of Google's handy little tools.

If you're still undecided, make sure you tune into the second and final Presidential debate, set to air this Thursday, October 22, at 9pm EST on all major networks. Fun fact: the debate commission just announced it will actually mute each candidate's microphone during their opponent's initial responses in order to prevent the sorts of interruptions that unfortunately defined the first debate.

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