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From dalgona coffee to focaccia, the internet is obsessed with these 10 viral recipes

Morgan Olsen
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Morgan Olsen

It didn't take long for everyone we follow on Instagram to become the host of their own at-home cooking show. If social distancing has proved just one thing, it's that staying busy in the kitchen can be downright therapeutic. Want to get in on the action? We rounded up the 10 viral recipes that are getting people through—from gooey cinnamon rolls and all of the breads to a coffee hack that defies gravity. Stock up on flour, clean off your kitchen counter and preheat your oven—let's get cooking!

1. Dalgona coffee

One of the earliest and most prolific quarantine cooking trends is still kicking—and it's not hard to see why. Imported from South Korea, dalgona coffee calls for just three ingredients—instant coffee, sugar and water—which are whipped together to form a thick, frothy, cloud-like substance that's served atop milk with ice. There are plenty of recipes to follow out there, but this video is particularly helpful for beginners.

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2. Bread

Folks who have never attempted making break-and-bake cookies are suddenly tossing aside their inhibitions and going all in on bread. Joking aside, bread is surprisingly easy to master and requires just a few ingredients and a bit of patience. If you've got all-purpose flour, instant yeast and salt, start with the New York Time's low-maintenance, internet-famous no-knead loaf. From there, the possibilities are endless, and soon your kitchen will be filled with braided challah, pillowy naan and crusty baguettes.

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3. Cinnamon rolls

Anyone else feel like the weekdays and weekends are blending together? Reclaim your Saturday and Sunday with a batch of handmade cinnamon rolls or sticky buns. Sure, it requires a bit more effort than the kind that comes in a tube, but you've got time. Treat yourself to Alton Brown's no-fail overnight cinnamon rolls or get ooey-gooey with King Arthur Flour's pecan-studded sticky buns.

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4. Banana everything

There's never been a better time to use up the overripe bananas that you've been stashing in your freezer for the past two years, and thankfully, the internet is home to a treasure trove of recipe ideas to get you started. Purists swear by this fan-favorite banana bread from Bon Appétit, and we've even seen the fruit used as an easy, low-cal substitute in flourless pancakes and gluten-free cookies.

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5. Focaccia

We know what you're thinking: Yes, we already covered bread, but focaccia is a different beast that deserves its own category. Just like traditional bread, you'll need plenty of flour and a packet of yeast to get started. But unlike your average sourdough loaf, focaccia is stupid-easy and requires less wait time, which is a big win in our book. Plus, making focaccia is a great excuse to clean out your fridge—before popping it in the oven, top the dimpled flat bread with leftover herbs, limp tomatoes and that rogue garlic clove. The New York Times' basic recipe is a great place to start, or try this batched, freezer-friendly recipe if you're dining solo.

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6. Roast chicken

Want to put something impressive on the table tonight without spending the entire day in the kitchen? Chefs everywhere will point you to a classic roast chicken recipe. To get started, you'll need a whole roasting chicken, a handful of fresh herbs and whatever veggies are kicking around in your fridge. As an added bonus, you'll be feasting on tender poultry for days, as most recipes make about eight servings. Whose chicken tops them all? Ina Garten's recipe has never let us down, but we're also huge fans of Alison Roman's slow-roasted oregano chicken with buttered tomatoes as well as her version with all the garlic.

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7. Cold brew

If there's one thing that will get us through this, it's caffeine, and now that the weather's warming up, you don't have to deprive yourself of cold brew. Believe it or not, you can make the chilled coffee drink at home without any fancy machinery or an expert barista. The recipe pictured below from the Wooden Skillet is quite comprehensive and offers all kinds of tips and tricks. If you'd rather watch a tutorial, La Colombe has an easy-to-follow video that uses a French press.

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8. Bagels

"There they go again with the bread," we can hear you screaming into your phone. But trust us when we say that you're going to want to jump on this trend as soon as the weekend rolls around. Until you're reunited with your favorite deli, consider making your own bagels at home with Food & Wine's tried-and-true recipe, which yields a dozen doughy discs. Top 'em with sesame seeds, poppy seeds, asiago cheese or a sprinkle of sea salt.

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9. Croissants

Once you've graduated from the College of Bread, challenge yourself to tackle laminated dough, a tedious but deeply worthwhile technique that's used to create croissants, danishes and kouign amann. The process will take an entire weekend and use up all the butter you have left, but it's totally worth it. With those factors in mind, it only makes sense to craft the best of the best, which is why we're pointing you to a recipe from famed Los Angeles bakery Tartine.

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10. Bolognese

It makes perfect sense that everyone we know is showing off their favorite bolognese recipe on Instagram right now—the rich, meaty sauce is easily one of the most comforting eats on the planet. Save this cooking endeavor for the weekend, when you have time to stock up on necessary ingredients at the grocery store and you can spend the afternoon in the kitchen. Late cookbook author Marcella Hazan's take on the sauce is indisputable, and we're quite fond of Bon Appétit's recipe, too. Oh, and if you're going to go through the trouble of making bolognese, you might as well learn how to make handmade pasta while you're at it.

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