Get paid over $2,000 to binge-watch documentaries about world leaders for two days straight

You've got 48 hours to watch 24 documentaries.

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Talk about an educative job: documentary streaming service Magellan is looking to hire someone committed to binge-watching 24 documentaries about world leaders in 48 hours. The payout? A pretty hefty $2,020 plus a one-year free membership to MagellanTV and a 3-month gift membership that you can give to two of your friends.

You'll have to complete the task before the November 3 Presidential election, although even those who aren't eligible to vote are also encouraged to apply.

"With the 2020 elections looming, Americans' eyes are on the nation's leaders," reads the website. "As every household prepares to participate in this historic moment, it's important to remember the world has seen leaders of every kind, from despicable despots to commendable kings. So why not educate yourself by binge-watching incisive documentaries about leaders—and leadership—throughout history?"

Expect to watch programs about, among others, Kim Jong Un, four Egyptian pharaohs, Attila the Hun, Fidel Castro, Richard the Lionheart, Edward Bruce, Andrew Carnegie, Henry VII, Caligula, Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon Bonaparte, Elizabeth I, Robert Kennedy, Julius Caesar, Winston Churchill and Richard Nixon. Each documentary runs between 44 and 100 minutes.

Not only will you have to spend time staring at the TV screen, but you'll also have to chronicle your your thoughts and experience on social media, posting about your thoughts after every documentary. Alternatively, you can host a livestream of your tackling of the job.

You've got until October 5, 2020 at 5pm EST to submit your application, which you can find right here.

This isn't the first get-paid-to-watch-something-you'd-watch-for-free effort that we've seen in recent times, but it certainly sounds more high-brow than binge-watching our favorite reality TV shows and tweeting about them. 

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