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Good news: Americans are reporting improved work-life balance levels

The pandemic's silver lining.

Anna Rahmanan
Written by
Anna Rahmanan

Although we're all suffering from work-from-home fatigue, it seems like, overall, American workers are kind of enjoying their new setups. According to a new survey by Vyond, an online video animation software destination, 46% of folks surveyed who started working remotely full-time due to the pandemic are now reporting improved work-life balance levels. Overall, 85% of respondents noted a healthier approach to managing both their family life and their jobs. Considering the endless tales we've been hearing (and seeing) about kids barging into Zoom meetings (can you blame them?), we must say we're pretty impressed.

The company surveyed over 500 full-time employees at large companies "about the silent issues permeating their workplaces, pre COVID-19 and four months into the pandemic."

Delving deeper into the results, Millennials seem to indicate the highest levels of healthy work-life balance (88%), followed by Gen Xers (85%), Boomers (81%) and Gen Zers (also at 81%). 

As for gender-related responses: 88% of men seem to be happy about their ability to manage both aspects of life compared to 82% of women. 

In general, employees found the lack of a commute to be the top benefit of remote work (64%), followed by the much more relaxed dress code (55%) and overall comfort (52%).

Surprisingly, given our own experience with a permanently packed schedule, only 25% of employees feel like they have more remote meetings than now necessary. Oh, and regarding that kids-in-Zoom-sessions bit: one third of boomers apparently consider having children in the background of video calls a violation of remote work etiquette. Only 11% of Gen Z respondents agreed with that. Interesting indeed.

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