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Good Morning Christmas!
Photograph: Hallmark Channel

Hallmark will air a Thanksgiving film marathon made up of only Christmas movies

Bring on the holiday cheer!

Anna Ben Yehuda

Here's one thing that hasn't, thankfully, been cancelled during this incredibly odd 2020: Hallmark's holiday movie marathon, a delightful escape for many Americans throughout the colder months. 

We've already highlighted the pretty awesome Christmas film marathon right here but, today, we're here to present you with some recently revealed bonus productions. 

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The channel announced it will air a weeklong holiday movie schedule to celebrate Thanksgiving. The best part? The lineup will almost entirely consist of Christmas films. Bring on the holiday cheer!

The programming kicks off on November 23 and will run through the 29. In total, expect seven entirely new Christmas-themed premieres that are sure to make you temporarily lose track of the chaos of the past year.

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Lest you forget, 2021 is almost upon us. Cheers to a 2021 hopefully completely different from 2020.

Below, find the full schedule of events:

Heart of the Holidays: Premieres November 23 at 8pm EST

A Christmas Tree Grows in Colorado: Premieres November 24 at 8pm EST

Good Morning Christmas: Premieres November 25 at 8pm EST

Christmas by Starlight: Premieres November 26 at 8 pm EST

Five Star Christmas: Premieres November 27 at 8pm EST

Christmas Waltz: Premieres November 28 at 8pm EST

If I Only Had Christmas: Premieres November 29 at 8pm EST

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