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Silicon Valley
Photograph: HBO

Here is how long it would take you to binge-watch the most popular comedy shows on HBO

Set an entire day aside for 'Silicon Valley.'

Written by
Anna Rahmanan

After telling us about the most popular HBO comedy shows in each state, online marketplace OnBuy Boxsets has calculated how long it would take an average viewer to binge-watch them all. 

Unsurprisingly, given the ten seasons that have already aired, Curb Your Enthusiasm clocks in as the longest potential binge-watch session: it would take you two full days and 22 hours to catch up on all episodes.

Silicon Valley—the most loved comedy in eight different states, including California—lands in second place. Fans can re-watch all six seasons in one day, nine hours and 34 minutes.

The HBO comedy that will take you the least amount of time (three-and-a-half hours) to watch in its entirety (one single season) is Run, one of the network's newest shows.

Check out the full list below and consider kicking off a marathon of Enlightened right now, a truly underappreciated production starring the great Laura Dern. It'll only take you eight hours and 24 minutes, after all.

1. Curb Your Enthusiasm (seasons 1 – 10): 2 days and 22 hours
2. Silicon Valley (seasons 1 – 6): 1 day, 9 hours and 34 minutes
3. Insecure (seasons 1 – 4): 19 hours and 16 minutes
4. Enlightened (seasons 1 – 2): 8 hours and 24 minutes
5. Barry (seasons 1 – 2): 8 hours and 16 minutes
6. The Righteous Gemstones (season 1): 4 hours and 30 minutes
7. Family Tree (season 1): 4 hours
8. Run (season 1): 3 hours and 30 minutes

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