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Jameson Whiskey Tree
Photograph: Pernod Ricard USA

Here's how to get your hands on a giant Christmas tree made up of 130 bottles of Jameson whiskey

Unfortunately, the bottles are empty.

Anna Rahmanan
Written by
Anna Rahmanan

If there was ever a year begging to be treated slightly differently than years preceding it, it is 2020. Why not skip the standard Christmas tree, then, and instead opt for one made up for 130 bottles of Jameson Irish Whiskey? After all, the past few months have been pretty heavy on the alcohol. 

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The liquor company is, in fact, giving out 8.6-foot-tall Jameson Whiskey Trees to seven different people. Although the bottles that make up the semi-sculpture are empty, each tree does boast a built-in lighting system. Pretty cool, huh?

"We understand the holidays are different this year, and we hope our legendary trees will give a few lucky consumers some extraordinary holiday memories with friends and family," said Jameson Brand Director Angelica Scibilio in an official press release announcing the giveaway.

The glass structures will be delivered during the first week of December alongside a $45 gift card to buy some not-empty bottle of whiskey to consume during the holidays and beyond.

You can fill out the application to enter for a chance to win one of the goodies right here. You'll be prompted to provide your contact information and explain in 200 words or less why you think you deserve the tree this year. Given the 2020 that we've had so far, do expect some stiff competition.

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