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Here’s the absolute best time to buy international flights

A new study reveals the timing has changed from last year

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Gerrish Lopez
Advertising has released its annual International Airfare Study, an analysis that reveals the ultimate insider scoop on scoring the best deals on international flights. The key to flying cheap is advance planning, but how far in advance do you need to buy a ticket to get the best deal? The staggeringly thorough study reveals the best times to buy for different regions around the world, and shows a significant change from past trends.

The study analyzed 917 million airfares across ten global regions to determine peak and off-peak months for travel costs, the prime times to find budget-friendly flights, the most wallet-friendly travel days and how prices fluctuate seasonally. The biggest reveal is that the best times to purchase flights to regions like Europe have changed drastically since last year. In 2023, a 45-day advance booking was the sweet spot. The best time to buy flights to Europe for 2024 has increased to 320 days in advance.

Flights to the Caribbean, Asia, South America and Canada can be more affordable closer to the date of travel. The advance booking recommendation for Caribbean flights has decreased from 56 days in 2023 to 29 in 2024, while the window for flights to Asia has decreased from 144 days to 71 in 2024.

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The study also reveals that Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the prime days to book budget-friendly flights from the U.S. February is the most affordable month for international travel (depending on the region), while July is generally the most expensive month.

"At, we are committed to revolutionizing the way travelers explore airfare, fueling their international adventures with unwavering confidence," says Jeff Klee, CEO of "We dedicate our time to researching millions of airfares to empower travelers with essential insights for making informed travel decisions."

Find the full study and tips for finding the best deals on international travel here.

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