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How safe is it to take an Uber or a Lyft these days?

Both companies just updated their safety guidelines.

Written by
Anna Rahmanan

Although most states are still under stay-at-home orders and folks are likely (and rightfully) avoiding ride-sharing apps for the time being, both Uber and Lyft have recently released new sets of guidelines that keep social distancing measures in mind, seeking to maintain the safety of both passengers and drivers during these unprecedented times.

It's worth noting that both companies are urging riders to stay at home as much as possible, simultaneously preparing for possible reopening phases across certain states. 

If you are looking to hop on a car service in the near future, you should keep the following in mind while assessing how safe it is for you to ride in a shared vehicle.

Both Uber and Lyft are now requiring drivers and passengers to wear face coverings at all times. Uber actually announced that it is working on a technology that will allow it to monitor drivers directly, preventing them from accepting rides when not wearing a mask. 

While using either service, passengers are asked to ride in the back seat and keep windows open at all times. Riders and drivers are encouraged to wash hands before and after each trip.  

To up its safety game, Uber—which previously announced the temporary suspension of its popular ride-sharing option—is also working to distribute as much disinfectant to as many of its employees as possible.

As for Lyft, the app goes a step further and asks both parties to disclose whether they've experienced any virus-like symptoms before entering the vehicle. 

"With guidance from the CDC, Public Health Agency of Canada, WHO, and local officials, Lyft is taking action to build products and implement policies that help keep riders and drivers safe, as well as empower our community to protect themselves and those around them," said VP of global operations and head of Lyft’s COVID-19 response task force Angie Westbrock on Lyft's website. "We want these new initiatives to have a meaningful impact and set a new standard for ride-share health safety."

As always, be smart and stay safe, America.

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