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Dog and cat
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New study claims dog owners make more money than cat owners—but cats provide more comfort

Anna Ben Yehuda

Mars Petcare, a global manufacturer of pet-related products and a provider of animal care services, just released the results of a survey of 1,000 cat owners and 1,000 dog owners focusing on the differences between the caretakers and the results are... funny?

According to the survey, the average dog owner tends to earn more money than his cat-loving counterpart ($47,000 versus $40,000), but the latter is four times more likely to work in the creative field.

With that extra income, it should come as no surprise that dog people tend to spend 33% more on clothing and accessories and 26% more on entertainment. About that entertainment business: Cat people apparently like documentaries, musicals and indie films whereas dog owners prefer romcoms, horror and action flicks. Go figure.

The survey also delves into the hobbies of pet lovers: Dogs are more likely to improve their owners' fitness routines—which makes sense, considering the, well, jogging habits of cats.

Worry not, cat owners! You seem to be benefiting from your felines by feeling more comfortable than your dog-loving counterparts to divulge your inner thoughts and secrets to your furry friends. Sort of like your at-home shrinks?

Most importantly: Cats are apparently more likely to comfort you in the event of a breakup or the loss of a loved one, when compared to dogs.

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