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Under a bright blue sky, a lavish home with a gray Mansard roof sits at the end of a long grassy lawn.
Photograph: Courtesy of MLS

Now on the market: Mark Wahlberg's incredible $87.5 million home

Lavish spreads and Frenchness can be yours if the price is right

Erika Mailman
Written by
Erika Mailman

Can we get the gate code? Mark Wahlberg is selling his 12-bedroom mansion in the celebrity-filled gated neighborhood of Beverly Park, Los Angeles, for $87.5 million. This pad's sweet, with 6.14 acres set in a dell. The 30,000 square foot house itself looks like old-world chateau meets Parisian train station. It's designed by Richard Landry, whom Dirt calls, "arguably California's most famous architect of steroidal mega-homes." Dirt first carried the news of the listing.

Wahlberg, wife Rhea Durham and four kids are saying goodbye to this 2014 compound of fun things. There are several outbuildings with the same mansard roof as the main house, a generously-sized multi-level pool, a basketball court, a manicured lawn and then stretches of more wild land to ramble. A five-hole golf course has a grass-covered earth staircase, and there's also a skate park and tennis court.

Inside, the French ambience continues throughout the house with crisp whites, coffered ceilings, glass pendant chandeliers and many sets of French doors. The library's a standout with wood paneling, a dark-grated fireplace, wall sconces with candles, and a second-story interior balcony for that moment of shouting down the discovery of a valuable clue in an antique tome.

The movie theater boasts a sage-green glass Art Nouveau inset lighting fixture perhaps reminiscent of some Métro entrances, while the wine cellar looks like a sixteenth-century cave with curved stone walls. The home gym is larger than some actual gyms.

Wahlberg's known for a long, many-pronged career including rapping, acting, producing, and being entrepreneurial. His several race-related hate crimes, including violent physical attacks on children and adults while shouting racial slurs, have followed him since the 1980s. He served 45 days of a two-year sentence: he certainly found this lavish mansion preferable to the other Big House.

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