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The EU reevaluated its list, and Americans are STILL banned

Europe’s borders are open for a select few "safe countries"

Sarah Medina

UPDATE (7/20):  On July 1, the EU reopened its external borders to tourists from a small list of nations deemed safe such as AustraliaCanadaJapanMorocco and South Korea, but the USA was notably barred. The bloc is reevaluating the list every fortnight, and on July 15 it was announced that Serbia and Montenegro would be removed due to rising numbers of cases and U.S. travelers are still banned. (Some Caribbean countries have banned Americans as well this week.) Currently, Croatia is the only EU country allowing tourism from the USA

US travelers, you might want to hold off on re-booking any European vacations this summer. Although the European Union appears to be reopening at lightning speed, Americans likely won't be welcome for quite some time.

On Monday, the EU started to lift internal border restrictions for its own citizens. There are plans to allow travelers from beyond the EU to visit starting July 1. That date, however, only applies to countries deemed safe. With the United State's average of 345 active cases per 100,000 citizens, Americans likely won't be included in the reopening plans next month – although there is hope that they'll be allowed to travel later in the summer.

UPDATE (6/29): On June 26, European Union officials decided that Americans will be banned from entering the EU when borders reopen on July 1. Other countries not being allowed in include Russia and Brazil. 

In new guidelines published by the European Commission, it states, “The restriction should be lifted for countries selected together by Member States, based on a set of principles and objective criteria including the health situation, the ability to apply containment measures during travel, and reciprocity considerations, taking into account data from relevant sources such as ECDC and WHO.”

Some countries, like Greece and Portugal, will reopen to Americans sooner than the rest of the EU, but that doesn't mean travelers will be able to hop from country to country—US tourists will not be allowed to cross the border into neighboring places.

UPDATE (6/29): Greece, Iceland, Portugal, and Spain had all suggested Americans would be welcome as soon as June, but all later backtracked on that.

Americans itching for a vacation could always try the Caribbean, where islands like the U.S. Virgin IslandsSt. Lucia and Antigua are already open and welcoming travelers from the USA. 

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