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There’s now a petition to save Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza

Can 150k signatures keep this iconic hybrid on the menu?

Written by
Stephanie Breijo

Hell hath no fury like a Taco Bell fan scorned: More than 100,000 signatures are begging the chain to save its iconic and decades-old dish the Mexican Pizza.

Set to leave this earth on November 5, the stack of meat-bean-sauce-cheese fame is headed to the great big Bell in the sky to make room for new items, streamline the menu, and help save the environment—because given the Mexican Pizza's millions of pounds of packaging waste each year, okay, sure, we get it, but does it have to be this way?

New Jersey-based entrepreneur Krish Jagirdar hopes not. Jagirdar recently launched a petition urging fellow Mexican Pizza fans to sign and share in the hopes of catching Taco Bell's eye, and has even put out calls to share with "Insta-famous" friends and the press to further the cause.

"I truly, truly believe we have made an impact," he updated last week, "That we have made it known that we love the Mexican Pizza and we don't want it to go. I think that the executives at Yum! Brands and Taco Bell have heard us, but we need to keep going."

Jagirdar hopes signatures will reach 150,000—as of this writing there are already 111,407—and that fans won't just sign, but take action with their wallets. By bumping up Mexican Pizza sales before November 5, the dream is that Taco Bell executives will devise a way for that beloved saucy, tangy layering to stay on the menu.

If not, the Mexican Pizza will join some of Taco Bell's best discontinued creations. Better get your orders in now, just in case.

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