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There's only one new movie worth catching this weekend

Anna Ben Yehuda

As we approach the Oscars and awards season slowly draws to a close, the year's most anticipated movies give way to slightly more, well, sub-par films—and this upcoming weekend is no exception.

According to our very own film critic Joshua Rothkopf, among tomorrow's openings—from The 15:17 to Paris to Fifty Shades Freed—only one movie stands out as a must-see: Peter Rabbit. In the animated production, James Corden voices the sly title character alongside the likes of Margot Robbie and Sia.

If animated films are just not your thing (they should be), you might want to use your MoviePass to catch up on some not-as-new yet definitely entertaining movies instead. Here are the five flicks you should add to your must-see list this weekend.

Peter Rabbit

James Corden voices Beatrix Potter’s sly bunny in this updated animated take that also has room for the talents of Margot Robbie and Sia. There’s no “Carpool Karaoke,” but you’ll survive. Read our full review

A Fantastic Woman

This taciturn Chilean character piece is a devastating story of prejudice that’s often powered solely by the nuances of its lead actor: a startling newcomer—and the country’s first transgender film star—Daniela Vega. Read our full review

Phantom Thread

Deceptively hidden under layers of gorgeous surfaces, Paul Thomas Anderson’s borderline-sick romance waltzes toward a riveting tale of obsession.Read our full review

I, Tonya

Balancing euphoria and neediness, Margot Robbie uncorks a wow of a turn as the disgraced athlete Tonya Harding, sharpened into a champion by her take-no-shit mom (an especially fierce Allison Janney). Read our full review

Darkest Hour

Gary Oldman transcends his intimidating filmography with a towering performance as Winston Churchill, one that cuts to the essence of leadership. Read our full review

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