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These election-related voting records prove how important this year's Presidential run is

We're witnessing history in the making.

Written by
Anna Rahmanan

One of the most talked about and anxiety-filled Presidential elections in recent history is about to (almost) come to a close. Tomorrow, Election Day, citizens will cast their final votes to decide who will take the reins of the White House for the next four years. Whether incumbent President Donald Trump or his Democratic opponent Joe Biden will win is yet to be determined, but one thing is for sure: historical election-related records have already been broken.

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To put things in perspective and truly highlight the importance of this election cycle, we highlight some of the most astounding records that will likely fill up history books' pages for years to come. Before delving in, remember one thing: voting is of utmost importance so go out there and make your voices heard.

1. As of Sunday afternoon, a mere two days before Election Day, 93 million Americans have already cast early ballots. According to the U.S. Elections Project, that's about double the amount of early votes that were cast in 2016.

2. According to the Edison Research, loads of already requested mail-in ballots have yet to be returned, most of them involving voters in Georgia and in Ohio. 

3. Hawaii and Texas both already surpassed their 2016 voting totals. In Hawaii, 484,000 people already voted, a number that amounts to about 46,000 votes more than the total amount of ballots registered in 2016. In Texas, over 700,0000 more ballots have been cast in 2020 than in 2016 (this year's number amounts to roughly 9.6 million votes).

4. According to Edison Research, almost all of the requested mail-in ballots in Iowa have already been returned.

5. In Cheatham County, Tennessee, 2020 early and absentee voting surpassed total voter turnout in 2016 (that includes Election Day!)

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