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These high-tech suits are here to keep you safe during future social gatherings

Is this what the future of concerts looks like?

Written by
Sarah Medina

Is this what going out will look like in the future? We've seen some glimpses into the near future already—like what economy seating on airplanes might look like once this is all over—but one Los Angeles-based company is taking on the task of keeping us safe during the music festivals, raves and nightlife outings of the future. 

Created by Production Club (the company behind the stage designs for Skrillex and The Chainsmokers), the Micrashell suit is designed to allow safe interactions in intimate settings like bars, concert venues and clubs. The protective equipment fully covers the upper half of the body with an air tight helmet (which clears the air of any viruses), a multi-functional vest, and gloves.

But that's not all: The micrashell suit isn't just about safety. You're wearing this to hit the town after all, so you need to be able to have some fun. That's where unique functionalities like an in-suit beverage and vaping supply system, speakers, a smartphone integration, a camera and voice-activation come into play. 

But wait, there's more: Along the body of the suit, lights can be customized to indicate your mood, needs and more. Options include a rainbow lighting chase effect, a static red light, and a green slowly intermittent shimmering light—but you'll have to decide what you want them to mean. For those who want to customize their suits even further, fashion accessories and add-ons such as patches, and magnets will also be made available.

Honestly, we think people would be into this suit even if it wasn't necessary for your safety. 

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