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Frontier Airlines
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This $1,500 monthly travel pass includes rent and unlimited flights

Frontier and Landing pair up to offer this amazing deal for nomads

Written by
Gerrish Lopez

Remote work is on the rise, and if you’re the carefree, adventurous type considering the life of a digital nomad, Frontier Airlines and apartment rental platform Landing have teamed up to offer a monthly Nomad Pass that covers unlimited flights and rent for just $1,495 a month.

Frontier’s $599 annual GoWild! Pass—which includes unlimited flights anywhere Frontier flies—has been a popular option for travelers with flexible schedules. Landing’s Standby membership offers a similar approach to living: unlimited stays in furnished apartments in 375 cities around the country. With Standby, you can stay lease-free in any of Landing's apartments (excluding New York and California) with no minimum stay required. The new Nomad Pass combines the benefits of both to let you fly wherever and live wherever.

"Nomad Pass combines two innovative product offerings across living and travel, and they couldn't be more complementary," Russ Brodmerkle, chief marketing officer at Landing, said in the release. "It's tailor-made for people embracing a flexible lifestyle and the ability to travel frequently—we're proud to partner with Frontier to deliver the ultimate adventure at an affordable price."

The Nomad Pass will cost the same as a Standby membership—$1,495 a month—but will include a GoWild! Pass. You can fly to a new city, book an apartment within 48 hours, and leave with as little as three days' notice. One catch, however, is that if a standard Landing member books your apartment, you’ll have just three days to book a different Landing apartment. The GoWild! Pass requires booking a flight just one day before you plan to fly. So the Nomad Pass may involve last-minute plan changes, but it’s still perfect for those with ultimate flexibility who work remotely, have no pets or children and are OK with a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants approach to living.

Aside from the adventure, the cost of the Nomad Pass is attractive in that $1,450 is far less than the average cost of rent. You’ll pay the same amount regardless of where you land. Flights incur a one-cent airfare charge plus applicable taxes, fees, and add-on charges for bags and seat assignments, but it’s still an unbeatable price.

To celebrate the launch of the Nomad Pass, Frontier and Landing also announced an Explore More Sweepstakes. Through May 8, members have a chance to win a free six months of Nomad Pass—a $8,970 value. Submit an entry for each place you travel for a chance to win.

Find out more about the Nomad Pass here.

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