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This is the absolute cheapest day of the week to book a flight

Expedia reveals when to book for cheaper airline fares

Written by
Gerrish Lopez

If flying itself isn’t stressful enough, buying a ticket can be stressful too. Prices fluctuate, and the thought of missing out on the best price can give anyone a headache. Fortunately, Expedia has looked at all the data and, in its 2024 Air Travel Hacks Report, has revealed the day of the week you should make your purchase to save the most.

Expedia’s research reveals that Sunday, on average, is the best day to buy a flight. In fact, you can save an average 6% on domestic flights and 13% on international flights if you book on a Sunday. On the other hand, Friday is the most expensive day to buy.

While Sunday is the best day to buy, it’s not the cheapest day to fly. On average, Expedia found that flights departing on Sundays are 16% more expensive than flights departing on the least expensive day, which is Thursday.

The Travel Hacks Report offers several helpful tips for booking your next trip, including how far in advance to book. The report found that booking a domestic flight 28 days before travel can save an average of 24% compared to booking a flight last minute. For international flights, the sweet spot is around 60 days from departure.

And as for that stress? You’re not alone: Expedia found that air travel is the leading cause of stress for 55% of Americans, ranking higher than filing taxes and visiting the dentist.

Find more details and tips in the full report.

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