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Weird town names in each state
Photograph: Zippia

This map highlights some pretty weird town names across each state

Have you ever been to Okay, Oklahoma?

Anna Rahmanan
Written by
Anna Rahmanan

Need a laugh? Look through this pretty funny map, which highlights some of the weirdest town names across each state in the United States. 

Some of our favorites include Handsome Eddy, New York; Mormon Bar, California; Satan’s Kingdom, Massachusetts; and Jackpot in (where else?) Nevada. 

Out of all the odd names we're seeing, a specific bunch stands out as particularly not friendly to potential tourists. Take Boring, Oregon, for example: would you ever want to visit such a place? How about Bland in Virginia? Okay, Oklahoma? Dull, Ohio? May we suggest the towns' various residents start a petition to change the names of their cities?

One more fun fact: did you know that a number can actually be a town name as long as it's spelled out? Folks out in Ninety Six, South Carolina and Number Eight, Missouri know a thing about that.

The map was put together by, a job seeking website that also breaks down its findings on a per-state basis right here:

Alabama: Frog Eye
Alaska: Eek
Arizona: Catfish Paradise
Arkansas: Booger Hollow
California: Mormon Bar
Colorado: Fearnowville
Connecticut: Terramuggus
Delaware: Flea Hill
Florida: Sopchoppy
Georgia: Hopeulikit
Hawaii: Volcano
Idaho: Beer Bottle Crossing
Illinois: Chicken Bristle
Indiana: Bean Blossom
Iowa: What Cheer
Kansas: Skiddy
Kentucky: Paint Lick
Louisiana: Waterproof
Maine: Bald Head
Maryland: Accident
Massachusetts: Satan’s Kingdom
Michigan: Free Soil
Minnesota: Castle Danger
Mississippi: Possumneck
Missouri: Number Eight
Montana: Big Sag
Nebraska: Worms
Nevada: Jackpot
New Hampshire: Dummer
New Jersey: Cheesequake
New Mexico: Elephant Butte
New York: Handsome Eddy
North Carolina: Whynot
North Dakota: Zap
Ohio: Dull
Oklahoma: Okay
Oregon: Boring
Pennsylvania: Frackville
Rhode Island: Woonsocket
South Carolina: Ninety Six
South Dakota: Plenty Bears
Tennessee: Bean Station
Texas: Ding Dong
Utah: Nibley
Vermont: Mosquitoville
Virginia: Bland
Washington: Big Bottom
West Virginia: Booger Hole
Wisconsin: Egg Harbor
Wyoming: Chugwater

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