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This map highlights the worst attraction in each state in the US according to Instagram

Cue angry Twitter mobs.

Anna Rahmanan
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Anna Rahmanan
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Let us start by saying that this isn't really a scientifically-generated map. It does, however, provide food for thought. Instagram user Matt Shirley polled his 389,000 Instagram followers about each state's worst attraction and then grouped the results in this handy map that is sure to cause some ruckus.

Some entries make total sense, although they do happen to be tourist hotspots. Take New York's Times Square: although currently eerie and almost abandoned looking (as is the rest of the world, after all), we don't particularly like the area when filled with tourists in non-COVID-19 times either. Same goes for the Jersey Shore, Hollywood in California and Disney in Florida. 

Other responses make us question what Americans think about attractions in general. Old Man of the Mountain, for example, was voted worst destination in New Hampshire... but didn't the site actually crumble a few years ago? And as played out as Arizona's Grand Canyon and the Alamo in Texas are, we must admit we still consider them pillars of American culture. Dare we say they're actually worth-while destinations in their respective states and the country as a whole?

Needless to say, the chart caused a bit of uproar online, with folks from all over arguing about the visualization. Here are some of the funniest reactions to the map on Twitter:

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