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This map highlights what Americans in each state like to snack on while studying

Snickers reigns supreme.

Anna Rahmanan
Written by
Anna Rahmanan

Let's be honest: we all need a little something to snack on while trying to focus. Whether it's a piece of chocolate to boost our levels of concentration or some chips to hold us over for a few more hours, the snacks we eat while studying run the gamut from sweet to savory and are, most likely, not that healthy. But we all deserve to cheat on our diets every so often. 

Do the treats we gravitate towards depend on where we live? Apparently, yes—at least according to a new poll by education website Shaw Academy. The company surveyed 4,000 Americans about the snack foods they indulge in while "studying or focusing on a task." 

The results, which can be visualized in the map above, highlight a cross-country predilection for Snickers. The delicious chocolate bar was deemed to be the favorite in 27 states. Oreos took in second place, earning high marks across 18 different states, including California, New York, Texas, Vermont and Illinois. Interestingly enough, the two snacks tied for first place in Alaska, Maine, Michigan and New Jersey.

Folks in Arkansas and Wisconsin mentioned popcorn as their favorite go-to studying treat, as did people in New Mexico, where the crunchy snack earned the top spot alongside Snickers. Generic chips topped the list in Pennsylvania and Washington while Wyoming specifically designated Doritos as the very best midday food out there.

We must say that we couldn't agree with the selections more and—surprise, surprise—we are suddenly dealing with an intense craving for all things chocolate.

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