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Guilty pleasure - guy in pool
Photograph: ShutterstockGuilty pleasure - guy in pool

This website lets you rent out people's private pools by the hour

Some properties come complete with a jacuzzi, verandas and more!

Written by
Sarah Medina

Heat got you down? Wish you had your own pool to dip your toes (or dunk your whole body) into? Introducing, Swimply (think of it as an Airbnb for pools), which lets you rent out other people's private pools all around the country by the hour.

It works pretty simply: log in, enter the location you'd like to find a pool in and your desired date range, submit your profile for approval and wait to be granted access. You can even chat with the pool's owner to swiftly coordinate your visit. If you happen to own a pool, you can add it to the roster of availabilities on the site and make some cash when renting it out. 

Prices range from $15 to over $100 per hour and the size of the rented property and included amenities also run the gamut. Some pools come with diving boards and waterfalls, while some come complete with entire backyards filled with dining tables, grills, gazebos and hot tubs — invite all your nearest and dearest for a pool party! 

Wondering what kind of properties you're in for? For $75, you can opt for this 30x15 salt-water pool in South Miami, which comes with a jacuzzi and a kayak for boating on the nearby lake. Or, also for just $30, you can lounge poolside in Glendale.

We can smell the chlorine already. 

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