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Webcam - Sex Issue 1122
Illustration: Esme Lonsdale

Virtual orgies are now a phenomenon

Written by
Tim Lowery

Lately, we've all gotten accustomed to living our best life at a safe distance. Some of us have a few beers and play party games remotely with friends. Others catch live-streaming gigs or tour top-flight museums from our couches. And just about everybody, it seems, checks in with their families, pals, coworkers and (we assume) arch nemeses through video hangouts. But what if your favorite sex club, fetish night or go-to orgy has closed shop indefinitely? You do exactly what you'd do to connect for, say, Sunday night diner. That's right: Folks are taking to video conferences to get dirty. 

Men's Health profiled the couple behind NYC sex club Playscapes, who recently held a 60-person-strong orgy remotely. According to the piece, it included "burlesque, hot wax, pole dancing, a squirting demonstration and a shower strip tease" and ended with "masturbating, giving or receiving blowjobs, or having other kinds of sex on screen." In a first-person story for Slate, a New York writer attended a sex party on Zoom, in which, 15 minutes into the soiree, "the dicks came out of the pants." ("There were more than a dozen of them," he clarified.) And this isn't all happening in New York—or the United States, for that matter: Insider previewed London-based sex club Killing Kittens' party on Zoom that promised "a burlesque performance, bath, cage, and fire performers, and 100 masked members." The club's founder also predicted that "there will be a lot of nakedness and lingerie on display and people challenging each other to do certain things with each other." 

It should be noted that Zoom, for instance, flags some of the behavior mentioned above in its Acceptable Use Policy: "Customers and End Users may not use the Services to: Engage in any activity that is harmful, obscene, or indecent (particularly as such would be understood in the context of business usage). This includes, for example, displays of nudity, violence, pornography, sexually explicit material, or criminal activity." 

Which is all to say: Only time will tell how long these orgies-via-video-hangs last.  

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