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When will Americans be able to travel to Europe again?

The answer might be sooner than you think!

Written by
Sarah Medina

The list of who's allowed to travel to Europe has fluctuated wildly over the past year, but one thing has remained the same: Americans have been very much banned from the European Union. That is, until now! 

Over the weekend, president of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen offered a glimmer of hope, stating that American tourists who have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 will be able to visit the European Union over the summer. Cue the confetti. 

“The Americans, as far as I can see, use European Medicines Agency-approved vaccines,” she told The Times in Brussels. “This will enable free movement and the travel to the European Union." 

von de Leyen didn't offer a timeline on when Americans might actually be allowed back in Europe. The next step is to recommend a change in the official EU travel policy—though individual member states may reserve the right to keep stricter borders or enforce additional measures like tests or mandatory quarantines. 

Can't wait until this summer to bask in some European sun? Greece has already started welcoming Americans touristsas has Croatia, and France plans to let in vaccinated Americans this summer

Remember, many countries (including the USA) are still warning against all non-essential travel and some are quarantining all overseas arrivals, including their own returning citizens. Check all the relevant restrictions before you think about traveling.

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