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Photograph: Courtesy KFC

You can now order a 70-piece bucket of nuggets from KFC—because why the hell not?

We hope you're hungry.


One of the most valuable lessons we've learned during life in quarantine is how to stretch a meal. We channel our favorite celebrity chefs every time we transform a carton of leftover rice into a veggie-studded fried-rice masterpiece. Chicken chain KFC must understand the struggle, because they just brought back a super-sized meal deal that will provide leftovers for days: 70 pieces of popcorn chicken for just $10. No, that's not a typo—seventy, as in 7-0.

We'll give you a minute to figure out what exactly you'd do with 70 nuggets of fried poultry (chicken and waffles for breakfast, anyone?), but it's worth noting that this deal is good for a limited time. Like other fast-food restaurants, KFC outposts throughout the country are offering drive-through takeout service as well as delivery through apps like Seamless and Grubhub.

Now, if you'll excuse us, we need to make some room in the fridge.

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