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You probably need this McDonald’s chicken nugget body pillow

Sweet dreams!

Morgan Olsen
Written by
Morgan Olsen

If your bed is feeling a bit lonely these days, McDonald's and rapper Travis Scott want to help. As part of their new star-studded collaboration, the duo released a collection of limited-edition merch that includes everything from hoodies and hats to lunch boxes and blankets. But the item that's catching everyone's attention is a 36-inch-long body pillow that's shaped like a very realistic Chicken McNugget, priced at a cool $90.

Unsurprisingly, the entire 96-item line sold out in record time, but McDonald's has promised that a restock is coming soon. That hasn't stopped some sellers from taking the prized nugget-shaped pillow to resale sites like eBay, with opening bids starting at $350–$500. (Buyers beware: The real pillows take nine to 12 weeks to ship, so there's a slim chance that anyone's got one just yet.)

For those who didn't get their hands on the merch, the heart of the collaboration is a bit more attainable: Between now and October 4, you can pull up to participating McDonald's locations and order the Travis Scott, a $6 meal that includes a beef Quarter Pounder with cheese, bacon and lettuce, plus fries and a Sprite—Scott's go-to order. You might as well toss in a carton of the brand-new Spicy Chicken McNuggets while you're there, if only to curl up next to tonight.

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