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You’ll pay more for an Uber at these U.S. airports

Price premiums for the rideshare at airports vary—here’s where they’re the highest

Written by
Gerrish Lopez

After a long day of travel, dealing with public transportation is not the most comfortable way to get home. Many travelers opt for a rideshare, and among them, Uber dominates. Uber is a little different at airports, and in addition to finding the dedicated rideshare pickup spot, you may be faced with a hefty surcharge. A new study by travel experts at has revealed just how high this surcharge can be at airports around the U.S.

To determine the airports with the most expensive premiums—where taking an Uber from the airport costs more than a regular, non-airport Uber trip into the city—the team compiled a list of airports around the country and selected a nearby town. By calculating the distance and price of an Uber trip from each airport to its respective city center and the distance and price of taking an Uber from a nearby town or village to the city center, they were able to rank the airports where taking an Uber costs the most.

Topping the list of airports with the highest premiums is John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, California. A ride from this airport costs 116.4 percent more than a non-airport Uber. Boston Logan comes in at number two, with a premium charge of 110.2%. Rounding out the top five are San Jose International Airport at 105.5 percent, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport at 104.7 percent and Reagan National Airport at 78 percent.

For the full list of pricey airport Uber rides—plus the ranking of global airports—at

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