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Eastern State Penitentiary
Photograph: ShutterstockEastern State Penitentiary

Visit the most haunted places in the U.S. right from your couch

Staying in this Halloween? Embark on these virtual ghost tours of the most haunted places in the U.S. from the safety of your home.

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Danielle Valente

Halloween isn't cancelled yet. Across the U.S., we've seen haunted houses adapt to the times with drive-in events and socially-distanced fun. But if you're staying inside this October 31st, you can still have a spooky good time. Haunted places throughout the country, including the Winchester Mystery House and Eastern State Penitentiary, offer virtual tours. If you're feeling gutsy and won't get spooked by a few apparitions—though we can't guarantee you'll see 'em—we suggest checking out these cool virtual ghost tours right from your couch. Rather have an in-person experience? Rent these seriously haunted Airbnbs in the USA

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Virtual ghost tours

Sarah Winchester spent 38 years intricately remodeling her home into the sprawling 24,000 square-foot mansion. There was seemingly no architectural rhyme or reason to the property's design—there are unfinished staircases, misplaced windows, a door that leads nowhere. However, it's believed that this labyrinth-like layout intended to confuse the spirits of those killed by the Winchester Repeating Arms' guns (the company Sarah inherited from her husband's family). Finding your way out of this confusing attraction might be more challenging than finding spirits.

Henry and Georginia Pittock, who made their fortune in the newspaper industry, had plans to retire and revel in Portland's panoramic views. They began construction on an impresive French Renaissance-style château, which was completed in 1914. However, they only lived there for four years until they passed away. Relatives inherited the home, which was later abandoned and eventually damaged in the Columbus Day Storm in 1962. But residents fought to keep the property open after the destruction, and two years later, the Pittock Mansion relaunched as a museum. Some say the Pittocks are still there—after all, they truly didn't have too much time to enjoy the grounds. Don't be alarmed though: Visitors claim to see apparitions of the husband and wife duo, but they are supposedly friendly spirits. Well, that'sreassuring. 


The world's first penitentiary—and most expensive, at one time—housed dangerous criminals like Al Capone, Leo Callahan and Freda Frost. Now, the menacing gothic structure is empty, though many claim there is still plenty lurking in the abandoned cellblocks. 

The quaint Victorian home in New England seems innocent enough, but its history is far from rosy. Back in 1892, a young woman named Lizzie Borden was accused of murdering her father and stepmom with an axe, though she was never proven guilty. If you're brave enough, you can even crash here overnight.


Not all of this famed ship's passengers had a comforting experience. Just take it from the Lady in White and the man who was believed to have met his fate in the Queen Mary's boiler room, who are said to haunt the vessel to this day. Think you can hop aboard for a peek with their spirits still roaming? You're brave, dude. 

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