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Latest art reviews

Find out what our critics make of new exhibitions with the latest London art reviews

'Bjork Digital' at Somerset House

From blockbuster names to indie shows, Time Out Art cast their net far and wide in order to review the biggest and best exhibitions in the city. Check 'em out below or shortcut it to our top ten art exhibitions in London for the shows that we already know will blow your socks off. 

The latest London art reviews

Rodin And Dance: The Essence Of Movement

Every sensible modern human knows you have to make sure you’ve got someone who you can trust to delete your browsing history if you die. It’s just common sense. Master of nineteenth-century French sculpture Auguste Rodin didn’t think that far ahead, sadly. 

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Courtauld Institute , Temple Until Sunday January 22 2017

Tala Madani: Shitty Disco

Some people think the sun shines out of their arse. But it’s not just the sun that emerges from backsides in Iranian-American artist Tala Madani’s paintings – it’s spotlights that illuminate dancefloors, it’s primitive cave-painting-esque smears of paint, it’s projections of reclining nudes (actually, that one comes out of a penis).  

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Pilar Corrias , Fitzrovia Monday October 24 2016 - Friday November 11 2016

Feminist Avant-Garde Of The 1970s

It’s a big one, this new exhibition at The Photographers’ Gallery: 200-plus works by 48 artists from 20 countries. It’s also got a big name that some people will find pretty off-putting. In some ways that’s fine: more space for the rest of us to admire some incredible works of feminist art from the decade of ‘The Female Eunuch’, Spare Rib and defiantly abundant body hair. 

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Photographers' Gallery , Soho Until Sunday January 8 2017

Malick Sidibé

Mali got its independence from France in 1960, and immediately became in thrall to a different kind of colonialism: a cultural one of rock ’n’ roll, motorbikes and jeans. At a time when the West was fretting about whether photography was even an art form, Malick Sidibé was taking pictures of young people in Bamako which contain all the issues in that debate: authenticity, imitation, control of the image. Not because he was a theorist, but because all of those issues were also central to the newly emerging country.

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Somerset House , Temple Until Sunday January 15 2017

Adriaen Van De Velde: Dutch Master of Landscape

Van de Velde’s story is one no self-respecting millennial wants to hear: he was a child prodigy, painted fast and died young aged 35 in 1672. By 22 he was creating pristine beachscapes and was so renowned for his figure-drawing skills that other artists of the Dutch Golden Age roped him in to work on their paintings so they wouldn’t be left with stick men. At one time, Van de Velde’s paintings were worth more than Rembrandt’s. If any totally obscure Dutch landscape artist deserves a whole show dedicated to them, it’s him. 

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Dulwich Picture Gallery , Dulwich Village Tuesday October 25 2016 - Saturday January 14 2017

The Non-Objective World: Art & Language, Ilya Kabakov

Weirdly, the star artist of this exhibition isn’t actually in it. That would be Kazimir Malevich, the early-twentieth-century Russian pioneer of Suprematism who believed art could be distilled into the simplest of forms – a black square.

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Sprovieri , Mayfair Tuesday October 25 2016 - Saturday November 19 2016

Laura Owens

You might describe American painter Laura Owens as the artistic equivalent of a DJ. Across her canvases she samples, mixes, chops and drops a near-infinite number of images, processes and styles with thrilling improvisation.

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Sadie Coles Kingly St , Soho Tuesday October 25 2016 - Friday December 16 2016

Beyond Caravaggio


Prepare for disappointment, as the actress said to the bishop. There aren’t a lot of Caravaggio paintings in this exhibition. Yes, it says Caravaggio in the title, and yes, that’s a bit of a bloody liberty, especially because most of them are already in the National Gallery’s permanent collection, so you can see them for free most of the time anyway. What you’re missing is the ‘beyond’ bit, you see. 

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National Gallery , Trafalgar Square Until Sunday January 15 2017

Neo Rauch: Rondo

Nothing makes sense in Neo Rauch’s world. Windmills turn into bendy tubes, men in horned hats crash green cymbals together, ostriches with human faces are stroked like pets. The German artist’s paintings are like the unfinished works of some eighteenth-century outsider artist with a heavy drug dependence, and they’re awesome.  

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David Zwirner , Mayfair Tuesday October 25 2016 - Saturday November 12 2016

Bruce Nauman: Natural Light, Blue Light Room

Forget objects, sculptures and paintings – Bruce Nauman doesn’t need any of that to make art. For this piece (first made in 1971), all he needed was an empty room and some light. It follows a conceptual path that Yves Klein laid when he filled a gallery with naff-all back in 1958, and in its own quiet, simple way, it’s a pretty great work of art.  The empty room has a line of bright blue neon lights on one side and a line of natural light emerging from the ground on the other.

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Blainsouthern , Mayfair Monday October 24 2016 - Saturday November 12 2016
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