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Latest art reviews

Find out what our critics make of new exhibitions with the latest London art reviews

'Bjork Digital' at Somerset House

From blockbuster names to indie shows, Time Out Art cast their net far and wide in order to review the biggest and best exhibitions in the city. Check 'em out below or shortcut it to our top ten art exhibitions in London for the shows that we already know will blow your socks off. 

The latest London art reviews

Peter Liversidge

Turns out, seeing faces staring back at you from inanimate objects isn’t a sign that you’re losing your mind, it’s just proof that your brain is working. It’s called pareidolia: the phenomenon of seeing familiar patterns where none exist, and it looks like British artist Peter Liversidge sees faces pretty much everywhere. 

Kate MacGarry , Shoreditch Wednesday January 18 2017 - Saturday February 18 2017

Josef Albers: Sunny Side Up

Look out the window. How is it out there? Grey? Miserable? Is there a low-hanging, neverending blanket of suffocating cloud pressing down on the whole city? Of course there is. This is London. 

David Zwirner , Mayfair Tuesday January 17 2017 - Saturday March 4 2017

War In The Sunshine: The British In Italy 1917-1918

Spruced-up after a five-month renovation, Islington’s Estorick Collection reopens with a rather leftfield show. If you recall, we were all talking about the centenary of WWI, before a contemporary global catastrophe loomed over us, so engaging with this show starts with an oh-yeah… jolt of recognition. Which is quickly replaced with a wait-what? jolt of non-recognition. Because this is not the Great War as we’re used to seeing it.

Estorick Collection , Canonbury Wednesday January 18 2017 - Sunday March 19 2017

Rehana Zaman

(Note: the gallery is closed between Dec 18 and Jan 10) A digital woman emerges form a virtual desert. Her skin is the same colour and texture as the sand and rock that she’s surrounded by.

Tenderpixel , Covent Garden Wednesday January 18 2017 - Saturday January 28 2017

Zaha Hadid

Being an architect must be so frustrating. At every turn, your artistic vision gets constrained by town planners, clients and engineers. Even the laws of physics stop you in your tracks. Visionary architectural nutcase Zaha Hadid, who died in March 2016 at 65, must have felt that frustration more than most. 

Serpentine Gallery , Knightsbridge Tuesday January 17 2017 - Sunday February 12 2017

Lucy Raven: Edge Of Tomorrow

Two staggeringly bright eyes burn through you when you enter Lucy Raven’s show at the Serpentine. And that’s a potent visual metaphor, because this American video artist tries to look through and beyond the things around her, with a particular obsession with film. 

Serpentine Gallery , Knightsbridge Tuesday January 17 2017 - Sunday February 12 2017

Robert Rauschenberg


If there are no original ideas left in art, it’s probably because Robert Rauschenberg had them all. Over the course of his 60-year career (he died in 2008 aged 82), he reinvented, reused, recycled and revolutionised himself so many times that walking around this retrospective feels like stumbling through a textbook on twentieth-century art history. 

Tate Modern , South Bank Until Sunday April 2 2017

Bruce McLean: A Hot Sunset And Shade Paintings

McLean was part of that group of St Martins students from the 1960s, who loved nothing more than pissing off their tutors with weird, outlandish, provocative works of art. His playful, mischievous nature still comes in the large-scale paintings and film pieces that he mostly makes these days.

Bernard Jacobson , St James' Until Saturday January 28 2017
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