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Regarding Forests, Chrystel Lebas 2021; Tranquillity, Wellcome Col…to Steven Pocock.jpg
Regarding Forests, Chrystel Lebas 2021; Tranquillity, Wellcome Col…to Steven Pocock

Free art in London

See great free art in London without splashing the cash on an admission fee

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Time Out London Art

Looking at great art needn’t cost the same as buying great art. With a shed-load of free art exhibitions in London, wandering through sculptures, being blinded by neon or admiring some of the best photography in London doesn’t cost a penny. Here’s our pick of the best free art exhibitions this week and beyond.

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Free art exhibitions in London

  • Art
  • Hyde Park

Hervé Télémaque saw the political potential of Pop, and pushed it to bursting. Born and raised in Haiti, Télélmaque spent a few years immersed in the abstract expressionism of New York before settling in Paris in the early 1960s. There, he set about building a visual language that would fuse pop aesthetics, found imagery and abstraction, all with a singularly political purpose. 


  • Art
  • Euston

Happiness isn’t hip. We like tortured artists, not happy ones. Think of the countless millions of sad songs about loneliness, heartbreak and misery. Then think of the happy ones. It’s ‘Walking on Sunshine’ and that’s it. Well, the Wellcome Collection doesn’t care, it absolutely loves Katrina and the Waves, and its new shows are all about happiness.


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