Holi festival parties in London

Paint the town red – and blue, green, yellow and purple – at events inspired by the Hindu festival of colours



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If you start seeing rainbow-coloured soot billowing the capital – nobody’s burning a big pile of My Little Ponys, don't worry. It’ll just be hundreds of people chucking powdered paint at each other.

The roots of this increasingly popular Technicolor pastime lie in the Hindu festival of Holi – an annual celebration held on the first day of spring (on Friday March 6 in 2015). People of all ages and castes take to the streets to throw coloured water and a powdery paint known as gulal. Though these London events are often removed from the religious aspects of Holi, the same air of convivial fun and abandon are at their heart. Gulal is non-toxic, water-soluble and available to buy in bags at each event. Wearing white is recommended for the best visual effect, but avoid anything too precious – clothes can still get a little stained (the same goes for cameras and smartphones too).

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