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Cheap hotels in London

Doing the big smoke on a small budget? Book yourself in at one of the no-frills resting spots in Time Out's guide to cheap hotels in London

Cheap hotels may not be in the majority in London, but they're most definitely out there. It's not just flea-bitten hostels, either – the city has a great selection of budget rooms that eschew luxury touches in exchange for great rates. Here's our pick of the best cheap hotels in London.

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Adelle H
Adelle H

I personally like Goodwood Hotel. I've been there a couple of times while traveling to Uk. It's not too expensive and it's really a cosy place to be. If you need accommodation in Romania we always use .

Sophia S
Sophia S

Yes, really informative. We do book our hotels let it be for UK or US from, which provides good prices that fits our budget.