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Restaurateurs Chris Corbin and Jeremy King, creators of the Wolseley and the Delaunay, have struck gold with this grand art deco basement brasserie. It’s a huge set-up and attracts a mix of tourists, office types and couples. Affordable French staples are the big draw and set menus start at under a tenner for two courses. In the months after it opened, we’d been impressed by the quality of cooking and on-the-ball service, but recently we’ve detected a dip in standards.

In a meal of hits and misses, highlights included a generous main course of beef bourguignon – meaty chunks simmered in a robust red wine-onion-garlic sauce, accompanied by buttery mash. The haché steak was less impressive, though; instead of chopped meat being shaped and loosely held together, we were presented with a salty, overcooked burger patty. Chocolate profiteroles helped to restore faith – the perfectly baked crisp globes of choux pastry, crammed with splendid whipped vanilla cream, went down a treat with an indulgent chocolate sauce.

The house wine, priced at bargain basement rates, provides great value. Let’s hope the kitchen brigade is back on track soon, and service staff numbers are increased at busy times.


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Brasserie Zédel says
Brasserie Zédel, a large, bustling Parisian brasserie transported to the heart of London. Open throughout the day, offering great value with remarkably low prices, its glorious, historic art deco interiors also play host to the Bar Américain, The Crazy Coqs live music and cabaret venue, and ZL Café.

'The only real brasserie in London', Pierre Koffman.

The magnificent brasserie itself has been painstakingly restored to its former glory with 23-carat gold leaf architraving, marble, brass and mirrors. The feel of the restaurant and the menu are reminiscent of a typical Parisian brasserie on a grand scale, offering French classics such as choucroute, bœuf bourguignon and ile flottante. Our prix fixe offerings have become a firm favourite with two courses for under £10. A live band plays every night after 9.30pm.

Early morning to late in the evening Café ZL, the rather relaxed French café and entrance to The Brasserie, is open for a croissant in the morning or a glass of wine on the terrace in the evening.

From Café ZL, follow the neon ‘Zedel’ sign down the staircase adorned with French posters down to the lobby, where you will find The Crazy Coqs. The live entertainment space with a varied programme ranging from cabaret to jazz. The stage has played host to a number of artists including Julian Clary, Anne Reid and Barb Jungr.

The American Bar is a classic cocktail bar, opening nightly seven days a week. A light snack menu is available.
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Venue name: Brasserie Zédel
Address: bianco43
20 Sherwood Street
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday – 11.30am to midnight, Sundays – 11.30am to 11.30pm
Transport: Tube: Piccadilly Circus
Price: 2 courses- £ 9.75 3 courses- £12.50
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4 of 4 found helpful

Ate there last night with three friends inc. 2 veggies. Four people, three courses each, wine and kir = £95. Absolutely astoundingly good value, especially for Piccadilly. The food was delicious, especially the onglet. Vegetarian menu wasn't very extensive but the food was well received. And the dining hall... it's gorgeous. Who cares if it's a bit Vegas? It reminded me of Chartier in Paris for the glamour and sheer scale, but the service is London. Polite, attentive and friendly. I'm still getting over how good it was. Go!

2 of 2 found helpful

A perfect lunch venue with ambience and no pressure to rush. The Prixe Fixe menu ideal and good quality.

Mark, London
2 of 2 found helpful

Fantastic value for money. Lovely staff - I have already booked to go again!

Helen Anslow
2 of 2 found helpful

We were a party of 8, the service was very good without being intrusive. The food was excellent at very keen prices. We had a good evening in very pleasant surroundings. We would highly recommend this lastest addition to the London scene.

2 of 2 found helpful

worth it, just for the Wow factor. We ordered Steak Frites (without looking at the menu) and ended up with with a filet and chips... very good, and affordable at c£16. Cheapest wine on menu tasted delicous. I'll be back.

Frank Beemster
1 of 2 found helpful

A grand, beautiful venue only tainted by the all too visible bright green lights of geometrically arranged smoke detectors on the Art Deco ceiling, lending it slight note of Dubai on top of a Parisian flair. Most restaurants I like do great starters and desserts and the main course tends to disappoint a bit. Here, it is the other way around. We had Onglet and Boef Bourguignon with were excellent, esp. for the price (10 pounds). Escargots for starters were disappointing, baked without the shell and in a garlic cover that was too mushy. Salad with Roquefort ok. Ile Flottante for desert was more like marshmallows, cake ok. Wine good value. Service needs to step up, brought wrong bill and took 15mins to fetch some wine. In all, would def go again as I like the concept and atmosphere. But not for full-fledged 3 course dinner, but for a quick main and a pichet of burgundy, for which this place is just perfect.

Kishma S

I can't believe I've just found this place. I'm never having an unremarkable meal (at any number of average high street chains scattered around central London) again when I can go here.

What looks like an average cafe (the doorman outside is a bit of a give away of the class that lies inside) leads downstairs to a fabulous foyer leading to a bar, cabaret and the brasserie.

The brasserie is stunning and feels a million miles away from the bustling heart of the city.

This place is not all style and no stubstance. The menu is a mix of eye twitching expense (scallops) and good value. There is also a dish of the day plus two set menus for the lighter purse.

I went for the three course menu with wine, bottled water and tea/coffee. The celeriac salad starter was, as the French say, bof. The meal improved with the trout and hit an ulmighty high with the floating island (meringue and custard).

Even if the French aren't your fancy it's worth a visit just for the the excitement of being somewhere so different without needing a mortgage to fund the experience.

Jennifer S

Fabulous French decor for starters: perfect imitation of a Parisian cafe when you enter. Headed downstairs, there is a such grand art deco, it's fabulous. The dining room is all gilt and large clocks and waiters in proper black-and-white dress. I got the carrots with Dijon sauce and the broccoli quiche. The first was light and tasty, with just enough Dijon mustard. The quiche was DELICIOUS. Soft and so buttery. For less than 10 quid for my meal, I was pleasantly happy. The service was also very good: far better than your typical London establishment. The crowd seemed to be a mix of tourists and Londoners. 

Louise H

I arranged to meet a friend at Brasserie Zedel without doing much research into the restaurant, apart from knowing it was inexpensive and central. I was expecting a small French bistro- instead we entered a huge restaurant, in the style of an old-school French brasserie with mirrors and gold adorning the walls. We opted for the cheapest option on the menu- three courses for £13, and ate a starter of carottes rapées (grated carrot in a vinaigrette), coq au vin, and blueberry cheesecake tart, with unlimited bread on the side. It was all very tasty, and excellent for the price. Service was French style- silent and efficient- in fact too efficient as we felt a little rushed. This place is not for everyone, as it gets very noisy and certainly isn't for an intimate dinner. However for the French classics at a low price this fits the bill nicely. 


Oh how I do not like this place. It feels weird. It reminded me of going to a fake restaurant in Vegas. It felt artificial and way too big. Just wrong. The food was OK. But I couldn't shake the feeling of everything feeling fake to me. 


I love Brasserie Zedel! Not because the food is outstanding (it isn't) but because the setting, atmosphere and service are brilliant. Even waiting for a table to become free in the American Bar or upstairs (if there's room) is a pleasure. The food is basic French fare and can be a little hit or miss. The wine list is extensive and so there is something for everyone. The setting can't be beaten.

Jason James

Seriously good value food in a stunningly beautiful room. They do turn tables quite quickly when it's really busy but given the prices and the sheer scale of the room that's understandable. And when it's less busy there's no rush at all. The steak hache is brilliant. 


Great value for money and is a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of Piccadilly Circus. They have a great bar downstairs next to the main restaurant which has great cocktails and actually could be a good place for a date if you have decided for some reason to go super central! The restaurant hall is impressive (yes hall, it is huge) but not ideal if you are looking for something cosy and personal.


If you're in the mood to inhabit a candy-coloured, Wes Anderson universe for a budget-friendly price, Brasserie Zedel is the place to go. It combines that Grand European cafe style with a great central London location. Whilst Brasserie Zedel isn't quite the steal it used to be (the prix fixe menu price has steadily crept up whilst the good reviews have been rolling in), it's still astoundingly good value for the location and surroundings. It's the kind of place that you would take your parents to (especially if they like Cafe Rouge, of which this is a grander and less crap version of). Be warned, the service can swing wildly between disinterested or overly attentive and fussy. 

Guy Parsons
moderatorStaff Writer

The good thing about this is it's a *ridiculously* OTT old-school fancy dining room. You could definitely take your parents here when they're visiting you in London, and trick them into thinking you'd really made the big time. They'd be well into it.

Oh yeah, that's because the other good thing about is that it's pretty cheap! 

The less good thing about it: the food is about as retro as the decor, and not in a good way. It definitely feels like the last 20 years of cooking hasn't happened. It's all perfectly edible of course so can't really complain but it's not going to knock your socks off. On the other hand, this might also appeal to your mum and dad, if they still consider things like pesto and hummus to be suspiciously foreign.

Nicky G

It's rare to be able to find such affordable luxury in central London, and I'm amazed this place only has three stars average. The food is excellent and good quality, the ambience is lovely, and it's also surprisingly good value. Tip: Try the breakfast, it's modern without being too hipster.

Eleanor F
Staff Writer

Beautiful, grand setting with staple and affordable French cuisine in the heart of Piccadilly, Zedel is definitely worth having on your London map. 

moderatorStaff Writer

Great value for money and extremely efficient service. Great atmosphere, given the size of the restaurant and as another user pointed out, reminds you of Chartier in Paris. Very smart.

Staff Writertastemaker

 Such a beautiful setting nothing else really matters. It's a little like stepping into a time machine everything including the service is old school in a very charming way.

The food is very standard but not bad, like going home for dinner, and its so reasonably priced its a great venue for large tables. You feel fancy and can come away having spent well under £50 per person including booze!

Luisa G

Below average food, below average service. I was not impressed. If you want real French (complete with terrible service but delicious food) go to Boullion Chartier in Paris. 100 times better than this place!


I have no idea how so many people don't know about this place, because the surface area of the toilets alone spans pretty much the entirety of Zone 1. Anyway, a restaurant is always off to a good start when presenting me with a bread basket and yummy French salted butter, and at lunch time on a Saturday. The bread itself was a little hard but the gesture was still appreciated. Other than my hungover veggie friend who impulsively opted for the cheese plate, we all went for for the set menu consisting of a course of grated carrots followed by steak (albeit haché) and chips, which was a real bargain for £8.95. I don't think I can describe how incredible those carrots were as well. The vibe of the restaurant itself feels a little touristy - but hey it's Piccadilly, so what do you expect! 

Joss B

Brasserie Zedel is great in many ways and really I'd give it 3.5 stars but you can only give full stars on here. Its really quite amazing to leave the hubub of Piccadilly and enter this small cafe, before finding this winding staircase at the back that heads down into a vestibule with a bar and a small club in it, and most importantly the brasserie. When u walk in it opens up in front of you to reveal a huge cavernous and marble clad art deco European style dining hall, and if your there at the right time the band may be playing. 

The food may not be the best cooking in the world, but it does what it promises - its good value and tasty and with the perfect menu and style for the type of European dining hall its emulating. Personally I enjoy the Steak Hache with fries and with a G&T or wine you will pay under £15. 

Usually you can get a table just by turning up but at peak hours in the evening I'd say book otherwise you could be waiting in the American Bar a long time and it's not particularly cheap. If you're after a good quick bite to eat that's not too expensive or a pre-theatre dinner its a great place to choose.

Ros A

Brasserie Zedel. You're cool, just sitting there underneath Piccadilly Circus where no one would find you unless they knew where to look. This huge underground French restaurant actually has a distinctly German vibe to it. The cuisine is a mix of all the French and German greats - expect sausage, expect escargots, expect good reliable service. The food and wine are both reasonable, especially for this part of town. Very convenient for theatre goers, but very un-touristy.

The food is a little lacklustre in my opinion, but it's good value for money, the service is good (and fast) and it's definitely hearty.

Stephen F

You can't really go far wrong with a Corbin and King venue but usually they're pretty pricey. Instead, this place is astoundingly good value - especially when you consider the glorious setting. Sure they turn tables really quickly - even when there are plenty of tables free (it's huge, so it's rarely completely full) - but you can hardly argue too much with that given the prices. Go for the steak hache - it's delicious.  


I'm giving it 4 stars for the art deco design of this beautiful underground venue!  The dining area is huge, the food is fairly standard but service is efficient.  Took some friends from Oz and they still rave about it.


Brasserie Zedel is a great, old-style french brasserie - unquestionably brilliant value and consistently lovely food. Have now visited 2 or 3 times and I've never experienced any rush to vacate the table. Good atmosphere, classic hustle-bustle brasserie character and old-style charm. The value and quality are absolutely undeniable!

john a


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1 of 3 found helpful

Pretty disappointing experience. My wife phoned in the day to make a booking but was told that they were fully booked. They said that they keep 50% of the tables for walk ins. We were told if we arrived early, at around 7pm we would get a table no problem. We arrived at 6.45pm and we were told we could have a table at 8pm. So we had some drinks at the bar, eventually we were seated at 8.35pm! Starters were good. The mains not so good! Four of us ordered the cote de boeuf (so two to share) at £29.25 per person. The portions were too small and there was a lot of inedible fat on both pieces of meat. There was really only enough food for one. No one came to check on us after the mains had been served, so when I explained to the waiter as they cleared mains, that we were unhappy with the meal, he said he would speak to his manager and they would come back to me. Nobody came over to see us, so I assumed that this would be dealt with at the end of the meal. Desserts were good as was the coffee and wine. We asked for the bill, when it came, everything was still on there and still no manager or waiter came to speak to us. I raised the point again and then finally a manager came to talk to us. The manager that came over was aggressive and obviously did not want to hear any feedback. After arguing for about 5 mins he very reluctantly took one of the beef off the bill. I really don't understand how someone who works in the service industry can have such an attitude towards customers. If you don't like dealing with people, you are in the wrong industry. Would not recommend1

1 of 3 found helpful

I should have guessed before I went (what with it being French and all..) but they are NOT vegetarian-friendly. My main gripe is that my friend was able to order the 2 course meal deal but, meanwhile, I asked for the vegetarian prix fixe and was informed there wasn't one. EVEN THOUGH they had a veggie starter and main that was identically priced to the meat starter and main course eaten by my friend, when not included in the meal deal! I couldn't fathom it at all but the staff didn't seem to care.

Adam J
0 of 1 found helpful

Having dined here before, we decided to return for the great food & service. We were very disappointed to discover that the portion size of the Bœuf Bourguignon had shrunk to what could otherwise be considered as a very light snack; not a main meal.

Although portion sizes are typically small in London, this was pushing it to new level. I asked the waitress to remove the service charge which she did do, along with an apology for the scant serving. However this did nothing to allay my disappointment. I shall not be returning there again.

Marie Bennett
0 of 1 found helpful

You get what you pay for and this is not the Wolseley. Brasserie Zedel is reasonably priced for the location and some of the food was alright, but the portions are small and the quality of the dishes varies greatly. The starter, "concombres a la creme" came in an unadvertised mustard sauce so hot our son (8) gave up after two bites. Later, his steak hache arrived in a pepper sauce, which we'd specifically asked not to get. The steak hache is chopped beef made into a patty. Good flavour, but it had bones in it! Actual pieces of hard bone. When we mentioned this to the waitress, she just mumbled "Oh. Sorry". Nothing like "I'll mention it to the kitchen" or anything like that. Which means other customers will have the same experience. For dessert, the profiteroles were good. The Ile Flottante was OK but strangely covered in rock-hard caramel. Having said this, service is swift and generally efficient. The duck and the rabbit were good although, as mentioned before, came in small portions. I wouldn't go back here. Better to spend a bit more at the Wolseley and be totally happy with the meal.

Addyson Pope
0 of 2 found helpful

A flamboyant and elegant dining room with blindingly low prices may fool your average Piccadilly tourist – but anyone in search of true Parisian cuisine should look elsewhere. Zedél is the third addition to Corbin and King’s gastronomic dynasty (the brains behind the Wolseley and the Delaunay) and has been a huge success since opening last year. Situated a mere hop, skip and a jump from Piccadilly Circus and housed in the old Regent Palace’s Grill Room – it’s the ultimate destination restaurant for London’s hungry tourists. The place itself is undeniably beautiful; the art-deco interior instantly transports diners back in time with decadent chandeliers, marble pillars and enough gold to make Mr.T jealous. A humongous 250 cover capacity gives the room a certain cruise liner feel – think an overtly French Titanic minus the well-dressed guests. The clientele is (unsurprisingly for it’s location) mixed, tables of suited businessmen are scattered amongst foreign speaking families and young couples. The vibe is relaxed and informal, in stark contrast to the surroundings but in keeping with the prices. In true Frenchie style, menus are in (yes, you got it) French – if you don’t posses a minimum GSCE qualification then I’d advise quietly asking a waiter to slip you the English version. It’s a nice touch but not the most practical, especially when table reservations are limited to 2 hours and a good two thirds of that time is spent googling French translations. The menu is extensive and packed with brassiere classics from bouef bourgignon to choucroute to escargots – traditional yes, inspiring no. Prices are jaw-droppingly modest; the soup du jour is an astonishing £2.25 and the most expensive dish, the entrecôte is under £20 – low enough to please even the shallowest of pockets. Unfortunately however, I found the prices pretty much reflected the quality of the food. Onion soup should be thick and rich, slow-cooked and comforting – instead I was presented with a half-hearted, overtly beefy and unpleasantly watery broth. The sea bream with olive compote was overcooked and flaky, the duck confit had a promisingly crisp skin but the meat was again, on the dry side. Sides of cabbage and lentils did little else to impress – unseasoned and bland, I began to question if they had a special taste-extracting machine in the kitchen. You know something’s gone wrong in there when the ‘frites’ were the best thing we ordered. Deserts on the other hand were superb – and looking back I wish I’d ordered 3 courses of puddings. The crème brûlée custard was silky smooth and was encased by a delicate sugar lid, all served at that satisfyingly in-between hot and cold temperature. I could have easily devoured the Tarte Tatin ‘for two’ single handedly, it had a perfectly crisp pastry topped with hot, cinnamon-laced apples and at only £5.50 tasted just that little bit sweeter. They really took ‘saving the best ‘til last’ quite literally. It seems Zedél have opted for quantity over quality – high volumes of tables, low prices, and quick turnovers, it’s all a numbers game. The standard of the food has thus suffered. For many this won’t matter as the façade of opulent surroundings and meals available at the same price as a Big Mac will l create a seemingly pleasant and affordable experience in London’s swanky west-end. For me however, all the grandeur in the world couldn’t hide unseasoned food. Zedél will no-matter my opinion continue to attract the masses, although it doesn’t offer anything particularly new or exciting I predict it will be left standing long after the faddy restaurants have packed up shop due to a combination of location, reputation and affordability. My advice if you do go? Order lots of deserts!

GT London
0 of 2 found helpful

This is a palace to tackiness. Would be more at home in Dubai or Las Vegas. Some interior designer gone wild & pulled out every possible design detail from the era & created a glitzy pastiche, in total contrast to the simple understated atmosphere of the elegant Wolesley that smacks of the authenticity of a bygone era. Over aggressive dooring policy, we are all over 50 & treated as if we were some tourist backpackers & plenty of waiting staff milling around looking busy, but impossible to summon when needed. Stars are for the food, excellent value, interesting range & affordable wine.

0 of 2 found helpful

It's the second time I have eaten at Zedel and whilst I enjoyed it the first time, I think the initial opening hype, care and attention to detail has now well and truly worn off! The true test of an open all day restaurant in terms of service and food qaulity has to be the ability to deliver all day at any time. The time of day to truly test this is at shift handover when the daytime shift are keen to get off home and the night time shift are just beginning, so at 5.30pm whilst the staff were finishing their staff meal at the bar and generally hanging around with no care for what was going on in the restaurant, my daughter and I arrived. We were seated swiftly and given menus and ordered some water, so far so good, but hereafter it all went down hill. The water never arrived and whilst we waited and waited to order, all around were lots and lots of staff, who knows whether they were starting or finishing work, but they were all far too busy to deal with customers. When we did order the starters arrived quickly - great. But foie gras came with ho accompaniment, no bread. Its pate, who eats pate with nothing? I know the french don't! We were dying for the drinks we had ordered which enticingly sat on the end of the bar in our eyeline for a good ten minutes. Despite the hoards of staff buzzing around, not one made eye contact with us so we sat waiting unable to begin eating our starters. after a rather loud and annoyed excuse me our waitress eventually got us some bread to go with the foie gras and our drinks. Main courses arrived again in good time, but medium rare Onglet inside perfectly cooked was black, crunchy and coal tasting on the outside, medium rare fillet steak was served med well, my daughter being the embarrassed teenager begged me not to say anything and insisted she would eat it, nevertheless I felt compelled to mention it. Wish I had not bothered, had to literally wave down one of the gaggle of officious, aimless, disinterested senior looking staff, who half heartedly offered a replacementt but we really just wanted to get on with it. Even the French fries which come in frozen and just need to be cooked in good fresh oil, lightly salted and hot, were overcooked to a cardboard state and way over salted. Our waitress did bother to ask how our meal was on clearing it away, I was honest, but not rude. I told her it was distinctly average. She just nodded! We paid full price even though we felt cheated and unhappy, I am not one who expects things for free, but I expect someone to be generally bothered if things are not right, at Zedel they are not. By the time we left it was picking up, lots more tables and lots more staff, a shame that none of the staff really give a stuff about your experinece. It would be good value if you got what you expected, but we did not.