Sunday markets in London

Round off your weekend with a wander around London's lovely markets



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The one day of the week when you can do nothing but potter without a trace of remorse, Sundays are perfect for exploring a market or two. Gather armfuls of affordable flowers on Columbia Road, or look for gourmet lunch ingredients at the Ally Pally or Marylebone farmers markets.

Alexandra Palace Farmers' Market

Good for: food
On a sunny day, there is no more enoyable market in London – barbecues, grilling everything from juicy sausages from The Giggly Pig, or coconut milk-basted Mozambican chicken from stallholder Zambeziana, will be in full swing, with much of the neighbourhood congregating on the makeshift eating areas (wooden garden furniture, lawn chairs).

  1. Hornsey Gate, off Muswell Hill, N10 3TG
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Brick Lane Market

Good for: clothing, accessories
Though Brick Lane Market is an entity (and attraction) in itself, the banner has grown to encompass a motley array of markets in and around the East End hotspot. Brick Lane Market proper is where to head for tools, household goods and bargain fruit and veg sold by the bowl.

  1. Brick Lane (north of railway bridge), Cygnet St, Sclater St, Bacon St, Cheshire St, E1 6SB
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Camden Lock Market

Good for: food, gifts
If you're after a picturesque shopping experience amidst Camden's sprawling collection of markets, head straight to the pleasant, waterside Camden Lock. Here you’ll find everything from corsets and children’s clothes to Japanese tableware and multicultural food stalls - and a lovely view of the barges travelling along the canal.

  1. Camden Lock Place, (off Chalk Farm Rd), NW1 8AF
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Camden Market

Good for: clothing, souvenirs
Camden’s sprawling collection of markets offers a real smörgåsbord of street culture. Wander past loitering goths and punks to join the throng of tourists, locals and random celebs fighting it out at the vast and varied selection of shops and stalls.

  1. Camden High St, (junction with Buck St), NW1 8NJ
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Chapel Street Market

Good for: food
If the bellowing, clattering traders selling a good mix of fruit, veg and tat aren’t Albert Square enough for you, then the frequent presence of a real life ‘EastEnders’ actor on the street might be – it’s not unusual to see locals Martin Fowler or Cindy Beale here picking their way through the apples and pears (“TWO PAND A PAAAAND”).

  1. Chapel St, N1
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Chatsworth Road Market

Good for: food, vintage, clothing
Clapton’s Chatsworth Road sure is old. In the ’30s it had up to 200 stalls peddling their wares up to five days a week. More than 40 stalls selling gourmet foods, vintage bric-a-brac, crafts, cakes and preserves, clothing, jewellery – and more than its fair share of hipsters.

  1. Chatsworth Road Market, E5 0LH
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Columbia Road Flower Market

Good for: flowers
One of London’s most visually appealing markets, Columbia Road overflows with bucketfuls of beautiful flowers every Sunday. There are bulbs, herbs, shrubs and bedding plants too. Alongside the Sunday market you’ll find a host of independent galleries and shops selling pottery, perfume and the like.

  1. Columbia Road, E2 7RG
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Marylebone Farmers' Market

Good for: food
Part of the recent regeneration of Marylebone High Street under the auspices of landlord Howard de Walden Estates, Marylebone Farmers' Market is a relative newbie, running in a car park since June 2003. Sunday morning sees Marylebone mums and Waitrose types who aim to get their weekly shop done before a posh coffee and croissant on the nearby high street.

  1. Cramer St car park, off Marylebone High St, W1
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Northcote Road Market

Good for: food, flowers, clothing
Decent fruit and veg, flowers, ceramics, vintage clothes, plus the Antiques Market (No 155A; 020 7228 6850) and some excellent independent shops.

  1. Northcote Road, SW11 6QB
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Petticoat Lane Market

Good for: clothing, household goods
If the promenade of trendies at the nearby Spitalfields Market gets a little overbearing, head a few streets south to the famously salt-of-the-earth Petticoat Lane Market. Note, however, that the stalls are actually located in and around Middlesex Street – the Victorians deeming the road’s original name a touch too saucy.

  1. Middlesex St, Glousten St, Toynbee St, Wentworth St, Bell Lane, Cobb St, , Leyden St, Strype St, E1 7EX
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Portobello Road Market

Good for: clothing
Portobello is actually several markets rolled into one, all penned in by Notting Hill Gate tube at one end and Ladbroke Grove tube at the other. The stalls start with antiques; further up are the grocers; and emerging designer and vintage threads are found under the Westway.

  1. Portobello Road, W11 1LU
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Stables Market

Good for: clothing, gifts
A multimillion-pound redevelopment project is currently in the midst of transforming what was the highlight of Camden's sprawling markets, Stables Market. The once boho Stables may soon become something a little more sterile, but for now you can still find vintage threads alongside crafts, antiques and the sprawling, re-housed Proud gallery and bar.

  1. Chalk Farm Rd, (opposite junction with Hartland Rd), NW1 8AH
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Old Spitalfields Market

Good for: food, crafts, clothing
Though not everyone is a fan of the recent redevelopment of Spitalfields (particularly those pushed out by the rising rents), the market has been afforded a new lease of life. The East End stalwart now comprises the refurbished 1887 covered market and the adjacent modern shopping precinct.

  1. Brushfield St, E1 6DT
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Sunday (Up)Market

Good for: clothing, vintage, crafts
Another good reason to head out east on Sundays, the Old Truman Brewery’s buzzy (Up)Market boasts some 140 stalls toting edgy fashion from young designers (many fresh from fashion college), vintage gear, gifts, art and crafts and well-priced jewellery.

  1. 91 Brick Lane, (entrances on Brick Lane & Hanbury Street), (The Old Truman Brewery), E1 6QL
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Basically none of the Farmers' Markets have been included (there are 20+ of them run by London Farmers Markets). Maybe they are not included because this is a list of 'best of', but e.g. the one in Queen's Park (Sunday) won Best FM in the UK in 2012, so it can't be so bad, can it? Same for Real Foods markets.


Shocked that Real Food Market by Royal Festival Hall has not been included in this!


what's atuguidades. bijoteria jewelry, clothes and shoes and used in fairs london?