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Stoke Newington area guide

Discover the best restaurants, bars, pubs and shops in Stoke Newington

There are few places in London that offer the zest, charm and charisma of Stoke Newington. Church Street is the area's lively epicentre, with packed-out bars and pubs never too far away. Stokie's shops overflow with indie labels and vintage goods and its restaurants are noteworthy for their diversity as well as their quality. Of course much of N16's success is down to the remarkably strong presence of independent business in the area, making it a truly distinctive part of the capital.

What are your favourite Stoke Newington haunts? Let us know in the comments.

The best of Stoke Newington

Bars and pubs

Stoke Newington's best bars and pubs

A night out in Stoke Newington is always great. Irish pub Auld Shillelagh keeps the mood light and friendly, whilst Jolly Butchers has one of the best selections of ales and ciders in the area. For those who like their bars with a bit of a gothic bent, there's Baby Bathhouse.Think we've missed a great drinking spot in Stoke Newington? Let us know in the comment box below.

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The best restaurants in Stoke Newington

Enjoying Stoke Newington's restaurants is a bit like going on a culinary tour, without the bothersome leaving-the-country part. Homa is a gem of a Mediterranean brasserie. The original branch of the chain,Rasa serves the amazing south Indian food they built their reputation on. Itto's menu, meanwhile, covers the range of Asian food, from Thai to Japanese. Think we've missed a great restaurant in Stoke Newington? Let us know in the comment box below.

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Shopping and style

Stoke Newington shopping

Stoke Newington's indie credentials extends to the many independent shops in the area. Hidden in the basement of a secondhand record store, Little Pad has carefully selected vintage clothes and accessories. If you need your cello restrung or your heirloom lute restored, Bridgewood and Neitzert deal in all things stringed. Mums and mums-to-be will love Born, which stocks organic and fairtrade pregancy and baby supplies. Think we've missed a great Stoke Newington shop? Let us know in the comment box below.

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Clissold Park

When the sun peeps out in Stoke Newington, you won't catch locals diving into their hatchbacks and racing to the coast. Stroll down Church Street towards Green Lanes and you'll see them sprawled in Clissold Park, with Wayfarers or children clinging to their faces. Its compact 54 acres allow ample space for hipsters to hang out undisturbed, but it's big enough to get lost in. Clear-cut paths lead to Clissold's seven gates. Cyclists and joggers can also use the bark-strewn athletics track that circles the park. The park has a cute mini-zoo nestled in its centre, with rabbits, chickens, goats and deer. The butterfly tunnel and aviary next door aren't open as often as you'd like, but when they are, they're worth a look. For light refreshments, head to Clissold House's café, which serves fairly priced nibbles from paninis to Sunday roasts. Clissold Park opened a new wheels park, all-weather table tennis table and basketball area early in 2011 – the surrounding landscaped hillocks making a great viewing platform from where families crowd around to watch the stunts on sunny days. The new adventure playground was still a work in progress at the time of writing, but it looks exciting from the perimeter fence, with a vast sandpit sporting a shipwreck in its midst, a zip wire and a wide variety of climbing structures. From what we could see, there were only two toddler swings, which might cause some arguments.

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Seems to be no mention of the best cafés so I thought I would volunteer one: Tangerina,, on Green Lanes has some of the best coffee in N16 and a great mix of Brazilian and European influences to boot. Then there are clasics like the Blue Legume. Where is the list of the best coffee shops in Stokey?

Jenna F
Jenna F

If you're a parent in Stoke Newington there's also a fabulous website which feautres loads of classes and events for children and babies...


I love stoke newington church street but it's so expansive to sad that I have to move!! I can't find any studio around, only agency that want to to rent you at impossible price!!! :(((