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25 reasons why NYC is the best place to raise a family

We present 25 reasons why NYC is the best place to raise a family! It's time to reconsider your move to the burbs.

Summer Stage Family Day

Summers are full of no-cost family entertainment

Year after year, we're impressed with the gratis festivals, concerts and events for families during the summer—we can enjoy concerts, stage performances and movies, all without spending a dime! There's Broadway in Bryant Park, Madison Square Kids, Celebrate Brooklyn!, Summer in the Square, the River-to-River Festival and SummerStage, to name just a few. The NYC Dept. of Parks & Rec also does an excellent job at making sure children of all incomes can participate in great events around the city.

Bel-Aire Diner

We're a 24/7 kinda town, even for kids

Let’s face it, when you’re a parent you’re on duty all the time. Thanks to FreshDirect's home deliveries, we get to do our grocery shopping in our pajamas (sweet, because many of us don't have a car!); Diapers.com gets our disposables to us the next day; and the local diner will bring you a Western omelet and a regular coffee at 3am when tiny decides it’s daytime. Zero time to cook for the kiddos? There are even delivery services that specialize in allergy-sensitive, organic and farm-to-table baby food.


Our kids see the best sites from their strollers daily

The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, The Met, the Freedom Tower…people from all over the world travel to see all of the things our kids have in view from their strollers. We walk over the Brooklyn Bridge for fun on the weekend, we pass through Grand Central Terminal all the time, Rockefeller Center is our stop on the F-train, and the United Nations café is a great place to eat. We never take all this greatness for granted, and we make sure our kids don’t either.


NYC has top notch doctors and medical facilities

We have some of the best doctors and medical facilities in the world and are known for having the best children's hospitals. For every bump, bruise and unfortunate bicycle accident, there’s someone to make sure your kids get the best professional care.


City parents support each other

Because there are millions of people here, it's easy for moms of similar parenting styles to find each other both online and through in-person meetup groups. NYC moms and dads build strong communities to keep kids safe and to face even the biggest challenges as a team.

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