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25 reasons why NYC is the best place to raise a family

We present 25 reasons why NYC is the best place to raise a family! It's time to reconsider your move to the burbs.

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You'll get great exercise walking the kids around

Living here, our youngsters learn how to walk fast, stay right and duck the people with the golf umbrellas on rainy days...and so do we. From age three, a New York City kid will be able to tell you that it’s sometimes quicker to hoof it from east to west rather than sit in a cab with the meter running. The family will spend plenty of quality time walking around town in nice weather, and it won't even seem like exercise.


Our kids have hundreds of extra-curricular classes to choose from

We have an ever-changing cast of world-class after-school and extracurricular activities to boost our kids' accomplishments. And let’s be honest, we’re don’t just want our children to have fun and learn for its own sake—we want them to become well-rounded citizens. And get into a middle school. Which is way harder than getting into kindergarten, which is even harder than getting a universal pre-K spot. So an appreciation of art, courtesy of, say, the Met's family programs, will be a useful weapon in the cage match that is getting into college.


NYC has the cutting edge in kids' fashion

The sheer amount of families in New York has shaped the city into the world’s most stylish kids fashion capital. Whether you’re shopping at Nordstrom’s or peeking in cute little boutiques like Kisan or TaROO Too!, you can rest easy knowing they’ll grow up with a cool sense of style (or at the very least an idea of what it looks like)!


You and your children will master apartment life hacks

What’s one thing there’s never enough of in a NYC apartment? Space. You’ll raise your kids (and keep organized in the process) with the best city livin’ life hacks. If anyone can make a mattress fit in a closet or stow away 1000 stuffed animals, it’s you.

“Manhattan: come pee here”—@JonnyFisch

Kids get savvy fast

Kids grow up so fast in New York that parents get the tough years over with quickly. The sex/drugs/booze talks are done by the time they're in 8th grade, so from there on out, it's smooth sailing. Well, smoother sailing. Good luck!

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