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25 reasons why NYC is the best place to raise a family

We present 25 reasons why NYC is the best place to raise a family! It's time to reconsider your move to the burbs.

Lunar New Year Parade & Festival in Chinatown

Your kids will grow up in the "melting pot" of America

There's a reason why New York City's called the "melting pot" of America. Your kids will be exposed to people of every race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and class, they should (theoretically) grow up progressive and welcoming. Hopefully!


NYC caters to artsy kids!

Love music? The Young People’s Concerts at the New York Philharmonic teach tykes orchestral music appreciation, and DiCapo Opera Theater’s kids' program explains the plot before and during performances. If your child enjoys dance, check out the Mark Morris Dance Center to master the plié! Also...as it goes without saying, the Met and MoMA play host to countless colorful, kid-friendly exhibitions too.


Local youngins have access to the best schools

From pre-k through college, New York offers some of the most prestigious (and star-studded) schools the country (and even the world) has to offer. Join Suri Cruise at Avenues, the Jolie-Pitt kids at Lycée Français de New York or attend Jennifer Aniston’s alma mater Rudolf Steiner School (or Gwyneth Paltrow’s, The Spence School).


We have qualified experts to care for your kiddos

When you live in the city and FINALLY have a moment for date night, there are plenty of services and resources to find reliable care for your children. Gone are the days of the random neighborhood babysitter! You can perform background checks on sites like Sittercity or find the perfect full-time nanny through a local agency, and you can rest easy knowing your kids are in good hands.

taxi, kids, cab, kids in taxi

Because it builds character, dammit!

New York City kids have to be resilient, and know how to spot danger, hail a taxi, order off a menu, tip properly and get where they're going. No school in the world can teach that. When they go off to college and say, "That's not how we do it in New York," their friends will think they're smug—but they'll also know they're right. 

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