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Things to do with kids in NYC this Saturday

Kick off your weekend and spend Saturday with the family at the city's best events and activities for kids.

Saturday, April 30

Fuerza Bruta

This Union Square spectacle is a visually impressive dance-rave thrill ride that merges striking imagery with techno music and aerial showboating. Kids will be wowed by the performers doing aerial and acrobatic stunts on the technicolor ceiling, but make sure to bring youngsters who can handle standing for the entire show. The music is very loud, but add to the ambience, and you can expect smoke and confetti to surround you during the performance. Ages 7 and up.

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Daryl Roth Theatre , Gramercy Until Friday December 30 2016

"Dinosaurs Among Us"

Learn how a very special group of dinosaurs evolved into the creatures we call birds today via the American Museum of Natural History's new exhibit "Dinosaurs Among Us." Expect to see life-like models (including a 23-foot-long feathered tyrannosaur named Yutyrannus Huali) and rarely-seen dinosaur fossils. All ages.

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American Museum of Natural History , Upper West Side Until Monday January 2 2017

"America to Zanzibar: Muslim Cultures Near and Far"

Families can celebrate the diversity of Muslim cultures in America and around the world in this interactive exhibit. Explore gorgeous mosques and design your own buildings inspired by Muslim architecture, learn to say "My name is..." in 15 languages and create original artwork. Kids can exchange ideas and goods along trade routes, make music in the courtyard and even barter at an international souk! Live performances and demonstrations will supplement the exhibition. All ages.

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Children's Museum of Manhattan , Upper West Side Until Wednesday June 29 2016

“Sew What?”

This exhibition on view in the Cynthia C. Wainwright Gallery celebrates the textile arts by showcasing works from contemporary artists that use the material of fiber to create unique pieces. “Sew What?” brings attention to the various techniques artists use to transform fiber. Artists twist and spin fiber to create yarn which is then braided, knotted, looped or woven into flexible fabric or cloth used to make clothing or soft items. The textile arts encapsulate such artistic techniques as dyeing, printing, embroidery, needlework, quilting and sewing. Visitors to the exhibit will get a firsthand look at these creative textile practices as they explore the fiber work on display. All ages.

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Children's Museum of the Arts , Downtown Until Sunday May 22 2016

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

C.S. Lewis’s classic book-turned–feature film comes to the stage with beautiful sets, a convincingly evil Witch and plenty of adventure. Two actors play eight characters (animals included) in the tale of four siblings who stumble upon an old wardrobe and discover Narnia, a land filled with talking creatures and plenty of magic. Ages 6 and up.

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St. Luke's Theatre , Hell's Kitchen Saturday May 7 2016 - Saturday August 20 2016
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