New York parties and the nightlife kingpins behind them

Check out the hottest New York parties to hit up in 2013, and meet the people who throw them.



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The Turrbotax Crew

The Turrbotax Crew Photograph: Francesca Tamse

Contakt and Rem Koolhaus, Cofounders and resident DJs (along with Space Jam, C-Sick and Mayster) of Turrbotax, a dance party that wends its way through house, techno and more (

Koolhaus: “When we started in 2009, so many awesome, diverse influences were smashing together in the wake of dubstep. It kind of breathed new life into 4/4-oriented dance music. We just really wanted to have a party where we could hear this music really loud all night long and dance with our friends.”

The party
Koolhaus: “Turrbotax has a really free and fun kind of vibe; people really go all in. We’ve banned photography because it took people out of the moment. We also have a history of having no announcements as to who’s playing. We don’t want people who will show up right before the DJ they read about on the Internet is on, tweet something snarky and then leave. It’s kind of our way of driving home the idea that Turrbotax is not an indie-rock concert; it’s a loud, banging, sweaty dance party.”

The crowd
Contakt: “What I really love about our events is that our crowd is really mixed. Lots of young people, lots of veterans who rarely go out except to our events. All races, sexual preferences, ages and a good mix of guys and girls.”

What you’ve missed so far
Contakt: “There have been so many special nights, it’s impossible to think of just one; everything from surprise DJ sets from Four Tet to seeing Robert Hood play the best DJ set I have ever seen in a tiny, packed room. The highlight for me this year was Terrence Parker playing an absolutely outstanding DJ set. I get chills thinking about how good it was. The entire crowd was wrapped around his finger. I think everyone who was at that event walked away with that same feeling.”

Their recommendations
Contakt: “We feel really lucky that there are so many great underground (for lack of a better descriptor) promoters in NYC, and to have a great working relationship with all of them. Some of our favorite events in NYC are Fixed (, Mr. Saturday (, Discovery (, Percussion Lab (, Dog & Pony Show ( and Trouble & Bass (”

Next event: Cameo Gallery, 93 North 6th St between Berry St and Wythe Ave, Williamsburg, Brooklyn (718-302-1180, Jan 25 at 11pm; $10.

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