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Photos: 38th Annual Village Halloween Parade

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Each year, Greenwich Village turns into a giant cluster-mess of costumed party people for the Village Halloween Parade, one of the city's most outrageous holiday traditions. Despite a newly truncated route (the parade ran along Sixth Avenue from Spring Street to 15th Street—in years past, it's

Photos: Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade

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  Now in its 20th year, the Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade remains an NYC institution, and for good reason: There are puppies! In costumes! Need we say more? Click through for more awww-dorable photos of dogs dressed in oddball costumes—we especially like the pooch in an

Photos: The High Line's roller-skating rink opens today

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The new roller-skating rink beneath the High Line opened earlier today—yay! Crowds of skaters (including members of Gotham Girls Roller Derby) tested out the space, showing off their turns, twirls and other moves that look super-cool when done on quads. The rink will be open daily until September

A brief history of TV production in NYC

Chart the rise of New York’s television industry, from the first TV broadcast to the return of The Tonight Show, whose new, Jimmy Fallon–hosted iteration premiered this week On Monday, when Jimmy Fallon delivered his first Tonight Show monologue from Rockefeller Center, it marked the beginning

A clothes-pegged bandanna passes for swimwear at the Inner Beauty Pageant 2013 (slide show)

See photos from the most unconventional of beauty contests, the Inner Beauty Pageant 2013, which took place at Littlefield on May 12. See more recent blog posts A dozen hopefuls competed for the audience's hearts at the Inner Beauty Pageant 2013, which producer Jo Firestone calls "a showcase of

Adopt an adorable cat today during the ASPCA's Cat Friday

The ASPCA waives its adoption fees for this Black Friday event, where you can take home a shelter cat. Instead of spending hours at a big-box store with the bargain-crazed hordes on Black Friday, consider giving a home to a shelter cat from the ASPCA (424 E 92nd St between First and York Aves;

Adopt one of these ridiculously cute cats this weekend

More than 50 cute kitties at the Summer Lovin' adoption event in Brooklyn need permanent homes. Cats! They're adorable, good companions—we'll brook no arguments on that point—and fun little weirdos to have around, so why not adopt one? Surely your life is missing some kind of furry comrade,

A guide to the ten types of subway pole grips (slide show)

Whether you're guilty of the Captain Hook or the dreaded Leaner (the worst!), find out what your train-riding style says about you. See more recent blog posts You might also like No Pants Subway Ride 2013 (slide show) High-tech information kiosks coming to the subway Top ten: MTA subway art

Air Sex World Championships 2013: Competitors hump onstage at the Cutting Room (slide show)

The Air Sex World Championships 2013 rolled through New York over the weekend, bringing laughter and cringes in equal measure. Send tips and cat photos to: Editor: Marley Lynch (@marleyasinbob) See more recent blog posts If you're wondering what the hell you're looking

All the Buildings in New York (slide show)

An Aussie expat is attempting an artistic feat of titanic proportions. See how far he’s gotten in a new book. See more recent blog posts Sure, you love New York. But how much do you love it? Enough to, say, meticulously draw every building in the city? That’s the self-appointed task of James

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