Gay parties: The best gay nightlife in New York

Gay parties in New York offer something for everyone, from relaxed, mixed-queer shindigs to sweaty dance throwdowns.

Photograph: Krista Schlueter

While the age of jumbo weekly gay parties in New York came to an end with the closure of iconic spots like Twilo and the Roxy, the city still offers a staggering variety of queer nightlife options, from Daniel Nardicio's raunchfests to Whitney Day's classy lesbian mixers. The arrival of XL Nightclub, Cabaret & Lounge last year ushered in a new one-stop space for reliably fun weekly dance throwdowns (albeit on a smaller scale than in the Giuliani era), including Rockit and JB Saturdays. Downtown, mixed gay parties including Scissor Sundays and Hot Rabbit offer the city's queers a chance to mingle with folks from all points on the gender and sexuality spectrums, while kinksters convene at the ever-popular Eagle. Check back here often as we add more great gay parties, and for a deeper look at the scene, be sure to check out our galleries of gay party photos.

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