The 50 best brunch places in NYC: Queens

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Fancy a foie gras bread pudding or all-you-can-drink booze with a side of live music? Check out our favorite best brunch spots in Queens that cover all of the brunch bases, then head to one of the borough’s many museums, art attractions and other sites.

The best spots for brunch in Queens

The Creek and the Cave

For a chill dining experience filled with burritos, tacos and fantastic huevos rancheros, visit this Long Island City restaurant and comedy theater, which houses two stages and a separate dining area. At each table you’ll get unlimited tortilla chips and homemade salsa. Check out the patio or the downstairs bar and performance space, which hosts a variety of acts. The kitchen serves all kinds of savory Tex-Mex standbys, but for a twist, try the “yoga” burrito (avocado and fresh goat cheese) or the seafood burrito (fried shrimp or fish with wasabi sauce).—Evelyn Derico

  1. 10-93 Jackson Ave
    Long Island City
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This dinner-focused spot opens its doors to the daytime crowd for a weekends-only $16 prix fixe. Coffee plus one cocktail is included with each entrée—choose from hearty favorites such as banana-bread French toast or smoked-salmon breakfast pizza—or upgrade to bottomless booze for just $12 more. Even if you’re recovering from late-night shenanigans, the atmosphere has the perfect amount of bustle without being annoying. Sit near the entrance for a front-row seat to the live-music duo, performing soulful acoustic covers of Hall & Oates, Michael Jackson and Jewel.—Jessica Lundgren

  1. 41-15 31st Ave
    Astoria, Queens
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M. Wells Dinette

A museum morning followed by weekend brunch simply screams New York. Especially when that brunch comes courtesy of husband-and-wife eccentrics Hugue Dufour and Sarah Obraitis, who run this funky daytime cafeteria inside Long Island City’s MoMA PS1. The digs are cheekily familiar—fashioned after a schoolhouse, they boast chalkboard menus, old class photos and cubbyhole desks—but the midmorning menu is brash, bold and daily-changing: foie gras bread pudding with gooseberries, soft-boiled eggs with carrot- and pea-studded aspic. Take that picky-eating, pancake-ordering brunch friend and teach ’em the golden M. Wells rule: Eat first, ask questions later.—Christina Izzo

  1. 22-25 Jackson Ave
    Long Island City
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The Queens Kickshaw

Expect this trendy spot to be packed during peak brunch hours, as patrons wait for excellent coffee, craft beers and hangover-helper classics. With offerings such as Gouda grilled cheese and huevos a la mexicana, carnivores won’t even realize the menu is completely vegetarian. Early risers may drop in as early as 9am, while late sleepers can brunch until 4:45pm.—Jessica Lundgren

  1. 40-17 Broadway
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Sage General Store

There’s brunch, and then there’s, shall we say, stunt brunch—the kind of “No, they didn’t!” weekend dining experience that begs for an Instagram recap. Sage’s shamelessly decadent, three-course “Bacon Brunch” definitely falls into the latter category. As absurd as it sounds on paper, the feast is almost elegant in practice, especially if you opt for the Wisconsin breakfast pizza over the admittedly appealing “Outrageous” grilled bacon-and-cheese. If you have any illusions about your off-the-charts indulgence level, the double-chocolate–and-bacon brownie—or, for that matter, a plate of chocolate-sauce-drizzled, whipped-cream-smothered French toast—will set you straight.—Hank Shteamer

  1. 24-20 Jackson Ave
    Long Island City
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The Sparrow Tavern

So you took the N train to the famous Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden, caroused all night and went home with an attractive Astorian (is there any other kind?). Now it’s morning, and you need a perfectly balanced prosciutto-and-Brie omelette in a quiet, wood-paneled pub. Head to the humble but mighty Sparrow, just across the street from the beer garden. Its low-rent gray awning belies its foodie status, but your new Astoria friend will know it. The lookers all do.—Silvija Ozols

  1. 24-01 29th St
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