Broadway shows: Complete guide to visiting the Great White Way

So you wanna catch a Broadway show? Here’s all you need to know to maximize your New York theater adventure.



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Be the envy of all your virtual friends by checking in at the theater online via Facebook or Foursquare before the show. Afterward, share your reactions on the Time Out New York Facebook page or Time Out review. Also: follow Time Out Theater on Twitter. Were we right-on or totally off? Let us know (we actually read and sometimes even respond to comments). Dying to discuss the show’s merits (or lack thereof) with others? There are a number of superactive theater message boards where you can get into it with other drama queens, our favorite being Talkin’ Broadway’s All That Chat. Whatever you do, don’t use your smartphone to do anything during the show, unless you want a run-in with an unhinged critic or pissed-off star. Hell hath no fury like a diva photographed!

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