Broadway shows: Complete guide to visiting the Great White Way

So you wanna catch a Broadway show? Here’s all you need to know to maximize your New York theater adventure.



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What to buy at intermission

Nothing! Seriously, the prices for merchandise are so high, they’ll drive you to drink—and you don’t even want to know how much a cocktail costs at the theater bar. It’s best to indulge in libations and snacks before or after the show (or you can try sneaking them in like everyone else). If you absolutely must have a keepsake to commemorate your experience, stick to something small and inexpensive, like a magnet or key chain. See a high-ticket item you can’t live without? Before you splurge, use your smartphone to find out if it’s available for purchase online for less. Often the in-theater markup is double the retail or more.

Step 7: What’s proper stage-door etiquette? >>

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